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Monarch Butterflies are Dying - Here's How You Can Save Them

Scientists have just announced that beautiful monarch butterflies have become endangered - and are at risk of becoming extinct in the next few years.

Some argue that the number of monarchs in nature has dropped by about 95% - that's alarming.

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Experts believe that a combination of the loss of biodiversity and the rise of pesticides is to blame.

The good news: we can all pitch in to help monarch butterflies find their wings again.

The answer? A monarch garden!

If everyone planted some butterfly-friendly plants in their gardens, sans pesticides, it would go a long way to bringing up the population of these beautiful creatures.

Monarchs lay their eggs on native milkweed plants, so they are a definite must in a monarch garden.

Adding any combination of zinnia, asters, goldenrod, echinacea, cosmos, lavender, and black-eyed susans will attract beautiful monarchs into your garden and help them thrive.

A wonderful bonus is that your monarch garden will attract other pollinators, helping them thrive as well!

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