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Mindful Motivation for Mindset Mastery ~ Apr 1st, 2024

This week we will be influenced by the Last Quarter Moon in the sign of Capricorn which arrives tomorrow (2nd) this signals a time of reflection, resilience, and resolution. Capricorn, the patient mountain goat, gifts us the capacity to overcome the hurdles that lie in our path and the wisdom to understand the lessons these challenges teach us. 🐐🙏

What obstacles have you been facing recently? What is the one thing you believe is holding you back or preventing you from living the way you want? This moon phase brings with it the tenacious spirit of determination, urging you to face your discombobulations with unwavering resolve. 😇

Here is our weekly session to see what we can focus upon to experience more of who we truly are this week... The idea of mastering our mindset is an important aspect to being aligned with who we are at a soul-level, to share our unique gifts and fulfill our calling.



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