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As the months turn to  May, you will see grass growing greener, flowers in bloom and the sun in the sky looking very bright.  The days make you feel like there is something great happening and there is.  It is called spring and it is spectacular.  Your thoughts turn to blue skies and great coffee on the patio.  You have a glass of wine sitting outside admiring the peace and quiet and knowing that you are on the right track to a beautiful life. There are so many things to look forward to. There is so much to do, in the days that are longer and lighter than just a month before.

May also brings you the celebration of Mother’s Day and all that it represents.  You celebrate the women who brought life into the world and you celebrate your relationships with them all.  It is truly a great month of starting over and looking at life with fresh eyes.  Now we add in the very exciting habit of bringing out all of our lighter and brighter clothes to adorn our lives.  We have pinks and yellow and green and orange.  Colours that tantalize our sight and make our pallets seem very inclusive of the changes in season.  No reason is needed for the transformation and we all come out like butterflies after being in our cocoon for way too long.  We change the tires on our cars symbolizing the end of the winter and the snow.  Our backyards and balconies are transformed into beautiful living spaces we intend to entertain in and enjoy.  Life is now peeling of the layers of the past and moving into the reality of our future.

All of this is just the background for the real changes in us.  We are light of heart and our spirits soar.  We go for walks or to the gym as a sign we are getting ready for bikini season.  Perhaps we only are interested in our health but I am not buying that.  Now we plan drives and go for overnight getaways to places we have seen or heard about.  Or else, we have stay-at-home vacations that allow us to spend the money we have for this in our homes and on ourselves and our loved ones.  Our beloved pets get longer walks or stay outside on leashes to enjoy the sun.  This month, May is the one month that sets us all up for a better year.  It is truly the start of it all.  We celebrate the Day of Mothers.  It is close to the end of winter and all that it represents.  Our lives now need the solace and peace that comes with closing off one thing and starting on another.  It is a powerful time with symbolic gestures and lots of love.

Thoughts turn to love and those who are not married or hooked up in some way yearn to get out and about and see what can happen in person or on a dating site.  There is no end to the possibilities of this month and the fact that we have a long weekend in here makes it even more special.  The May 24 weekend is a planned getaway for those who get away.  Opening the cottage or going to one.  Seeing the beauty of the lakes and parks we have to enjoy above all, just sitting on a dock or a beach and watching the water come and go.  This is what life is made of and is meant to be.  True happiness is enjoying the ride and not always driving.

Mental health is important at any time.  During the brighter months, we take advantage of the sun and see light and bright.  It sets us up for better days and allows most of us to have a positive pattern of thought as we work on our state of mind.  The freedom we all seek is easier to see in bright skies and sunshine.  It is also easy for us to smile instead of frown when life throws us a curve ball.  Now is the time to reach in and see what we are made of and it is much better to do so when the answer is positive.  Watching children and dogs play is one of the pleasures in life that costs you nothing and gives you so much.  You seek happiness in so many ways and there are so many ways we get happiness but probably do not realize the potential and impact of such simple acts.

Now we garden, grow plants and vegetables in the spaces we have, and look forward to spending time daily managing the area and seeing the results of the love we put into the process.  It is not by accident that we open places, plant new life to grow in gardens, and dress more colorfully in the month of May.  After all, it is the month to celebrate life.  Enjoyment of the beginning slowly turns to the celebration of stability as we enter into June.  The men who are also responsible for bringing life into the world are celebrated on Father’s Day.  Socks, tools, and BBQ stuff are the order of the day along with pizza and beer for a lunch feast for Dad. These are simple pleasures that make the day special, but lower-key and more in tune for the men in our lives. 

May and June are similar in life celebrations and are equally important.  They hold keys to different doors and allow us to celebrate in ways that we create based on our individual beliefs and our relationships with our parents or other loved ones.  But apart from this, the truth about our lives is the fact that we swoon into June after having a May that makes our day great and allows us to believe in brighter times and happier results. 

Enjoy your May.  Celebrate in your way.  Then get to June and you will have time to see the moon.

Diane E. Makarowski

Life Enhancer Let me help you to navigate the areas you struggle with and share some life experiences and knowledge to make the sun come out again. Let me be there for you and we will learn together on your journey to a healthier and happier life.


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