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Managing Stress from the Inside Out

With stress levels at an all time high, it is important now, more than ever, as we come into what can be a most stressful season, on top of a year full of restrictions and uncertainty, to take steps to reduce your stress.

Each person has their own unique stressors, and their own unique response to stress. It is important to firstly, identify what your stressors are, and then determine what you have control over and what you do not.

Create a list of your stressors and then begin to identify where a change in circumstance can help to alleviate the stress, or where a change in perspective may help.

As you identify where you can make some shifts, also make a list of what gives you joy and a sense of contentment. Whether it be, spending time in nature, reading a good book, soaking in a bubble bath, add as many items to your list as you can think of.

Taking time to nurture yourself helps you mentally, emotionally and physically. Create some time and space to allow yourself to unwind, to relax, to let go of what you have no control over.

Make a daily ritual of replenishing your soul, listening to music, journalling, singing the song that is in your heart. Try a new activity, listen to the birds outside of your window, make a cup of tea and sink into a space of total relaxation.

As you feel stress in your body, take 3 deep breaths, feel connected to yourself, to the earth, to life. Find that connection, and allow it to melt away the tension.

Your mental health and wellness needs your loving attention. Talk with a friend, reach out to someone you haven't chatted with for a while, go for a walk and smile at the person you see walking by. All of these little things add up to bring you a sense of positive engagement in your own well-being.

We can't always remove the stressors, but, we can give ourselves moments of serenity along our way.

Breathe light into the parts of yourself that feel overwhelmed, and talk to yourself as you would, a friend in need.

Give yourself a special gift of loving kindness, and feel into the unique expression of life that you are.

The world needs your unique gifts, so take care of yourself. Your wellness is our wellness.


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