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Make a Difference by Choosing Fair Trade Tea

Tea is the most popular drink in the world next to water, with about 70,000 cups drunk every second. The multi-billion dollar tea industry employs millions of people, but working conditions and earnings for the producers are often dire.

Fair trade tea ensures that health and safety standards are observed. They make sure that the wages paid are fair and regulated for adults, so children don’t have to work.

In some countries children have been known to work eight hours a day without a break, plucking leaves and carrying loads of up to 30kg. They can suffer from back problems, chest infections, skin diseases, cuts and bruises.

Fair trade ensures that workers on plantations as well as with smallholder farmers bring Fairtrade tea to consumers around the world.

Make sure that your favorite brands hold themselves to a higher standard, guaranteeing that workers are paid a living wage throughout the tea-making process, and that tea is grown in a sustainable and ethically-grown way.

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