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Live Group Healing (FREE)

The Be Brilliant Group Healing Calls aims to create a secure space where you can let go of your guard and release stress and anxiety. Through these group calls, you can experience physical, mental, and emotional healing, promoting self-love, clarity, reconnection, and healing.

Even though this is a group call, your personal healing needs will be addressed independently, and you will receive a similar experience as you would in a personal in-person reiki session.

Participants have reported various benefits such as improved sleep, reduced chronic pain, calmness, enhanced focus, happiness, and a feeling of lightness. As we are all unique, the benefits you experience will be specific to your needs.

Join us on three Tuesdays evening a month at 9:00 pm EST. Use this link to register; no cost to join, but each session requires registration! For more information and registration, use this link


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