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Leave a Legacy - Make a Difference

Susie Briscoe – Founding Chair; Acer Coaching Associates International Business Lifestyle Coach/Mentor; Master Leadership with Legacy Mentor

You have reached a stage of life where it's more important than ever to make an impact: to leave a legacy of making a difference in the world around you - starting with those closest - but not stopping there.

I've experienced it myself. So much of life passes at a dizzying pace and it's my life work to take a stand for those who crave a more mindful existence. My clients dream of stopping the endless spin, getting clear about a vision for the future - then taking actual steps towards making it all happen.

Author / Co-author of these International Best Selling books:

  • Ascension to Legacy (author)

  • Colour Your Legacy (author)

  • Your Creative Thoughts

  • My Big Idea Book

  • Ready, Aim, Thrive!

  • Life Sparks

  • Are YOU the Missing Piece?

  • Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Susie Briscoe founded Acer Coaching Associates (ACA) in 2004, after graduating as a fully accredited Coach, Mentor and Supervisor with Coaching & Mentoring International (formerly The UK College of Life Coaching), and meticulously maintains her own CPD to remain at the cutting edge of current best practice. Headhunted by the Nightingale-Conant Corporation in 2008 to become their freelance Master Coach outside the US, Susie runs her International business whilst remaining actively involved in these charities:

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