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Saturday & Sunday July 2-3 10AM-6PM Eastern

Yes, there is real magic out there and you are immersed in it. Some call it universal or source energy. Some call it God or divine energy. Some call it magic. It’s been talked about and worked with for thousands of years and now science has gotten to the point, through quantum physics, where tests are confirming what many have been saying: We are all connected by this energy and we all affect it. Tapping into that energy allows me to perform what I call Energetic Magic, and now I have made this method of actually editing your reality available to you.

You will learn:

– How spiritual energy works and affects us every day

– The “must do”s for growth and potency

– To use intuition for guidance and to detect truths

– To get in touch with Pure Source/Universal/Quantum/God energy

– To create and manipulate simple energetic constructs

– To react and respond to other people’s energy

– To play harmoniously with another’s energy

– To perceive energy in other people for information or clearing

– To integrate the techniques you learn with other modalities and your daily life

Are you ready?

It’s intense. And it will change your life. Every person who has attended this class has had big realizations and multiple shifts in their beliefs during the class. While learning, you release old belief patterns and come out of the class a different person. I look forward to sharing this powerful technique with you and watching your transformation.


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