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It Can be Lonely For Entrepreneurs At The Top

Growth comes with a price. Every step forward will claim what it’s worth it. Sadly, the entrepreneurial life comes with growth glory, but one does have to pay a price for it.

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is learn, unlearn, and learn again. In this phase, they often sacrifice their friendships, and often build connections with associates and clients. The razor sharp competition combined with the task of managing the team is quiet overwhelming. The business takes most of the time of an entrepreneur’s life and majority of them are lonely.

An entrepreneur struggles!

After putting in 100 hours a week, how on earth is it be possible to maintain a social circle? In that case, the famous phrase, “Lonely at the top” is used to address this situation. But, does it really have to be lonely at the top?

Not at all! We all need a confident or partner that we can bounce ideas with, share our success and find solutions to challenges. The sense of belonging is immensely important for us to have mental peace. Entrepreneurs are not aliens. There are tons of entrepreneurs out there who have found their own unique support system that works for them.

There’s one more thing an entrepreneur struggles with. That is advice. Books might have a lot of advice but it has to be relatable and specific. Luckily, that’s not an incurable disease. Entrepreneurs can join business community groups, masterminds and many hire a coach to help them with coping with challenges and bringing the balance they need in their lives.

The Community at the Top

There are several groups and support communities where people at the “Top” meet, brainstorm, share their problems, and find solutions. In most of such communities, competitors in the same niche are not allowed which means you can have an honest discussion with people without having to be careful about the competition.

You can also go and start new ventures if you find a good match. In short, there’s a lot to yield from such communities.

How these Communities Work?

There are different communities out there where people at the top can seek solace. Such communities are pretty much organized and are beneficial for entrepreneurs and top leaderships of the companies.

Members share experiences, and have each other’s back. This not only eliminates the loneliness at the top but also helps them get feedback from colleagues on the same level and run their companies in a better way.

Some peer group follows a format where all the members meet every month or so and discuss the problems they are faced with. They often bring guest speakers as well which makes it a proper event. The event is held under a leader who is usually a former or current chief executive.

The organized event can have questions and answer sessions, people get to socialize and find other people who they can relate with.

All in all, you don’t really have to be alone on the top. Look for the community you fit in and lower down your walls to learn, unlearn, and grow!

If you are ready to join a mastermind of like minded entrepreneurs drop me a note at or join my Facebook Business Community group


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