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How We Come Out the Other Side

Bask in the brilliance of the sun as the temperature begins to warm up. We are all tired of keeping our distance and not being able to hug those we love. It takes its toll on us. They speak now of a third wave and another possible shut down, tightening of our freedom to love the way we wish to love, to venture out and enjoy life.

Yes, it is still a difficult time, but it is the way we choose to experience this time that will show us how we will come out on the other side, for we know this too shall pass as man continues to thrive. Will we be miserable and resent our freedom taken away or will we take this time to find a new avenue for our anger that can change it to love and respect for the time we have, to do the things we did not have time for before.

Will we enjoy this journey or suffer through it, waiting for it to pass? Why not move with the waves and enjoy the ride? Find joy in our days and I am sure when we get more of our freedoms back, we will be, and we will feel in a whole new world.

This time is not all bad. Not when it is giving us time to focus on ourselves for a change. To replenish our energies. Something we always forget to do.

I realize some are having an easier time than others, but that, I feel is what this time is about. Time to take a breath, stop and reflect on what we really want in our lives. Where do we want it to go? Do we want to make some changes? We have the time. Did we ask for more time with our loved ones? We have the time. Were we exhausted spreading ourselves thin as we managed so many things in our lives? And maybe getting upset at not being able to get to what we, ourselves wanted to get to? Now is the time. The time to rest. The time to breath. The time to choose a new path we have been longing for a while. So, look at your life and make the necessary adjustments. Or just sit back and relax if you can.

How ever you choose to use this adventure, love this experience, for it is leading you to another journey you do not yet know what it is.

With Love,

S R John


Author S R John

Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby


Life Coach - Caring for the Caregiver

Volunteer Ontario Caregivers

Married to a man with Bipolar. Caregiver to family. My own health scare has been challenging. We forget to take care of ourselves.


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