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Holiday Special Crystal Healing Session

Are you or someone you know experiencing general fatigue, mental & emotional issues, feelings of lack, or physical tiredness during the Holiday Season? 

A Crystal Therapy Session is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love.

As a Holiday Special, The Oracle’s Magi is offering this 45-minute self-care session for an incredible $88.88 Cdn (approx $65 US)! 

During this Virtual Session, as Allyson, Founder of The Oracle’s Magi & its branch Crystal Moon Magic Circle, tunes into your subtle energy fields, you will experience the therapeutic effects that result from harmonizing your body’s 7 main Energy Centres, including increased energy levels, clarity of focus, emotional harmony, a sense of overall well-being & abundance, and physical vitality.  A Summary & Prescription are included.

Use this Special Direct Link to Schedule your Session Now while this Holiday Promotion, which includes a 20% off promo code for future services, continues.

Written by: Allyson O'Hara Cribdon

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