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Hello From Beautiful Wales

There is no woman on this earth that should live in the shadows, and not fully embody the divine right and privilege of being a woman.

Hello all and I am thrilled to be part of this community that is so beautifully created and held by Ronnie Swais.

I am Sally, I live in the UK in beautiful Wales, with my 10-year-old son, our chihuahua, corn snake and a mouse, all in different rooms so no family fall outs!!I grew up on the family farm with parents who loved me but were terrified, this led to a life surrounded by harsh energy/harsh people and heartbreaking experiences.

Yet life took me on the path of healing and I have not stopped.

This life path has led me to create Wise Woman Guide, the umbrella that all my work sits under but also this is the space where I support and encourage women to connect to the wise one within.

You see for a huge part of my life I was invisible and it was my safety net initially but then it became a cage that restricted me, just like the boa constrictor that surrounds and squeezes the life out of its prey, this was my prison...

Yet like the powerful medicine of snake, it actually holds the power to transmute the poison and so reclaim and gain so much from the experience.

This has been my life, transforming and gaining strength and wisdom from every single restriction/ painful time and something that could have potentially destroyed me has become my greatest teacher.

With my own path I learnt, I studied, I self-healed and with all of this, I am now at the stage to pass on all that I have learnt.

There is no woman on this earth that should live in the shadows, and not fully embody the divine right and privilege of being a woman.

My personal mission is to inspire those women who feel broken, blocked, lost and unsure, As you walk with me, as you read my words, it will unlock something inside of you, as I share from my heart. I openly share my experiences past and present, I connect with you to remind you of your truth. That no matter what has happened to you in life, you can transform it, you can be free, you can break ancestral patterns, cycles, the inner critic and that which surrounds you and holds you down.

You have THE greatest power inside of you. Don’t believe me? Link with me, read my words, let them touch your heart, for your heart knows the truth, you are a divine being with limitless potential.

You have the power to influence many, to rise above current circumstances and see the truth, that you have that inside which will guide you, that which will support you to rise, to grow, to change, to heal, all it takes is the right signposts, the guide on your path home.

This is my offering to you, to you all, to remind you of your truth. YOUR TRUTH

To connect with me and find out more please visit my website!




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