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Happiness Quotient

"The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions." – Robert Louis Stevenson

Each of us comes into this world pretty much the same way. Our universe can be nurture or nature or both! Our moral compass drives how we see things and how we do things in our lives!

When we have a loss, an upset, a critical failure or misstep or a health issue(s) we need a way to plow ahead and stay strong! Each of us has a carful of baggage and how we compartmentalize or drag our baggage with us is how we are programmed. For many decades I would be stuck with a train full of baggage that I would drag with me and it was slowing me down. Until I knew I had to make a change. I cannot change others but only the person who I wanted to strive to be and the goodness that was inside me. It took a near death experience (NDE) to truly wake me up and realize I needed to be the change! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! I needed the change!

I took my coach and mentor hat and put it on and started making the steps for my change! I was always told I was a square peg trying to fit in a round hole! Now I understood, the path I was taking was the bumpy one. I had a whole community cheering me on, and I was growing as a person. I was liking the true person I was becoming, not the person lugging the baggage and being stuck in her past!

When life gave me rollercoasters I was better able to deal with it! I also realized that I was not alone! BH. I realized I do not have to be perfect! I am perfectly imperfect but I can do my best each and every day, and be kind and good to others!

Throughout the pandemic in 2020 and beyond, I discerned that being healthy for me and my family was very important! I was losing a lot of weight and very sick! I knew something was wrong but test results were coming back inconclusive. Finally the pain level was extremely high and it was time to go to Emergency! I was there for a month! Finally had surgery after being poked, prodded and way too many tests. Once the surgery was done I was getting stronger each day! My staples were removed and then I went home.

My body rebelled and there were complications. My happiness was still high but my body was not catching up. I was understanding that I needed to pay attention to my body! I needed to let it heal and that I was not a cookie cutter patient but slow and easy would win this race! I saw my myself as the slow tortoise not the hare from that children’s story! People would tell me it is time to feel better, but I listened to my body and moved forward. Sometimes I would get frustrated and then I understood that I needed to be patient. Projects, goals and other things that were part of my planning ahead needed to wait! All in good time!

People that I thought would reach out to me did not, but new people did! People have their own agendas and if you want to speak to them you must reach out them! If these same people are part of the baggage of your life then it is time to get new luggage. Remember your happiness quotient comes from your moral compass, your ideals, the laws and beliefs that are intrinsic to you!

My happiness quotient is a belief that I have the blueprint for making my life a great one. That future generations will remember me because of the good I did, and the positiveness I shared with others! Being grateful for each and every day. Do good deeds (Mitzvah’s) each and every day! Knowing my purpose and fulfilling it to the best of my ability. Moving forward and only checking the rearview mirror for brief moments to make sure there are no obstacles in my way! The best part of the happiness quotient is sharing it with others and teaching others to have it as a large part of their life as well! Watch a baby or a toddler and see the joy they have just being!

That is true happiness!

Happiness is attainable depending on your own attitude! Be the positive change you want to be! Pass it on happiness = kindness and no matter what life hands you! Your attitude will help you to get through what you need to get through!

Tova Gaisin B’aal Tsuvah DTM |author | columnist| Business Strategist| Keynote Speaker| Coach & Mentor| 6 time cancer survivor, mom of 4 +1 and Bubby to one so far 416-509-2600 WhatsApp


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