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Gritty Guardians Gather Here!

Every September, parents and guardians face a unique set of challenges associated with getting children of all ages going back to school. As your children continue to settle into their routines this month, here are some insights from Grow My GRIT podcast guests on ways to incorporate GRIT into your family’s routines.

Episode 13 – In this episode, you get to meet Mike Adorjan, an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary who currently researches youth, cyber-risk and information communication systems. Mike explains how his GRIT allows him to navigate the “terribly wonderful” job of raising young children while knowing what he knows about the internet’s impact on children and youth. Mike is crystal clear that headlines are intentionally general and regular communication is the most effective way to learn about your children’s habits, hopes and hearts. Mike’s GRIT words are Gratitude, Responsibility, Intention and Twist!

Episode 16 - Meet Lyndsay, one of the GRITizens featured in Haze’s book, who has inspired as well as intrigued many parents with her quote: “I want to know and grow my GRIT so I can show it to my children and be an example of someone who co-creates his or her destiny.” Lyndsay believes that the most valuable curriculum for her boys would be mind-management and that starts with knowing your GRIT (i.e., your default setting in the face of obstacles). Since this isn’t happening consistently in elementary schools, Lyndsay has taken it upon herself to model for her sons how she navigates day-to-day obstacles from her GRIT. As a dad with a daughter, co-host Peter shares his struggles and successes on his journey from being the old-fashioned father who was dedicated to giving directives toward being the dad who is dedicated to de-escalation on all sides.

Episode 20 - During our chat with Dana Downey, Mother of 3 children and Calgary School Board Trustee, we explored the powerful link between GRIT and personality type. Dana is a self-proclaimed introvert and our conversation highlighted the ways in which her approach to navigating obstacles (i.e., GRIT) is strengthened by going inward as well as forward so that her future-self can guide her current-self. Listen and learn as Dana makes it clear that GRIT is not just for the extroverted! She defines her GRIT as follows: Goals (realistic) - Remember (to connect) - Imagine (success) - Take Time (for self-care).

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