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Goals Setting Vision Board Bootcamp

What are Vision Boards?

Vision boards are when you smartly gather a collection of images or objects which are arranged in a way to help you manifest your goals or vision. However, in this boot camp, we will take it one or two steps further.

Here is what to expect:

  • Create S.M.A.R.T Blueprint

  • Have your Dreams written out with clarity

  • Have your Board filled with your heart's desire

  • Place them in your life where and when you want them to manifest

  • This is for Business, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Journey, and more...

Here is what a few past students shared:

"If you are looking for an incredible, patient, understanding person to help guide you out of the rabbit hole and also get you to hold you accountable, Dianne Ojar is that person. No matter what sessions you have with her, you will walk away feeling supported during and after the session because she truly cares about what happened to you and your progress. I am so blessed that our paths crossed. Her sessions are potent and powerfully transformative." - Cenly W.

"What a day today!!! When you do your third creative Vision Board and appreciate how divinely guided we are to explore what we want to manifest and how to do it powerfully and individually to create a dream or a number of dreams which continue evolving. This is what we do with Dianne, resulting in greater depth and finding our true natures but exploring what we are made of. Thank you, Dianne! I so enjoyed our Vision Board Bootcamp today. Cheers" - Nivedita S

"I attended Dianne’s Vision Board training and it was phenomenal! I have never done a vision board before so I didn’t know what to expect but I came in with an open mind. Not only did she give a powerful teaching on the power of vision board and the topic of manifestation, it fully unleashed my creativity when we were given the opportunity to work on our own vision board. I was like a child in the playground and my inner child was very free and happy. Through the creation experience of my vision board, it reinforced the idea that I am the creator of my life without limits, it pushed through my limiting beliefs and boundaries and gave me the realization that anything is possible. On my vision board, I drew out the four important areas of my life including relationship, business, family (home/car), and my personal development. I really resonated with the feeling and know that I am walking a path to making everything I desire a reality. No matter if you created a vision board before or this is your first time like me, you will definitely get a breakthrough and many ah-ha moments! Don’t wait, join this workshop right now and start manifesting your dreams into reality!" - Alan L

If you are ready and this is for you then continue to the next step...

Zoom ID will be shared upon registration

There will be pre-homework for the event.

See you soon!


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