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From There to Present

We can put down our phones, get into the game of life - our life, and reap the rewards.

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to be on their phone all of the time? I watch people walking their dog, having a coffee or a drink together, and they all have their phones out and are looking at them and texting. Either I am really missing something, or they are just there. You can tell when someone is just “there,” and not really present.

They pay somewhat attention to you and give you the impression that they are in the conversation, but their attention is elsewhere and the answers they give you are patented to be sure. After all that we have collectively gone through this past almost two years, you would think that we would have all learned something and not just carry on the same old ways we have been doing for the longest time. I know that life is different now, we all have social media profiles and we look at the internet almost like a salvation of sorts. I know that we can do better and spend quality time with each other in the present. I like the present it is all that I know right now. The past is gone and the future is up for grabs. I need to make the most of this moment and when I talk to someone, I need to look at them and I need to give someone my undivided attention for the time we are interacting and get the most out of the exchange.

Do you really think that it is by accident that we have the choices we do? We can put down our phones, get into the game of life, our life and reap the rewards of personal interactions and conversations. You can fix anything with communication. It may not go the way you want it to, but resolution is a solution and we can all accept the fact that we gave it the best we had and now the results will speak for themselves. I think that the exercise of really talking to each other is the best chance for us to understand what needs to happen, why we feel the way we do and then to move on to a better and a brighter tomorrow. Nothing can be gained from not really speaking and listening to each other. The subject does not matter, the content is not important, it is the present thinking time that we put it and offer up that will make the difference for us all.

You can get lost watching television, speaking on the phone, checking your texts, watching your media sites and in a variety of other ways. It is necessary to find the way back to you and be present in your own life. When you are present, you want others to be present, not just sitting there. I know that I want someone to pay attention to me when I am speaking and not just play with their phone or do some other task. I have observed two people having dinner at a table and they are both on their phones. WOW.

What a great way to have dinner. You could just as easily eat alone and have the same effect. You get out of life what you put into life. Living a check mark life, doing something just to say that you did, is not the answer for anyone. We all need to get back on track, put aside what we are doing for a time and just be present. You will see the difference in your life and your relationships, no matter what they are when you spend the time in the present. Being there is nice but being present is wonderful and what everyone deserves. Give everyone the gift of you. Be the person that is part of the conversation, and can answer a question because they are paying attention. Be someone who is known for giving time and making it valuable. People value time and money. Make the most of your time by having an emotional bank account. Put in enough so you never have an NSF moment. You will live a better and more fulfilled life when you see the look on someone’s face and understand how they feel. Simple is best, life is present. Your choice.

I am someone who truly believes that you get the most out of life by putting what you want out of it, into it. Simple is best. I wrote this article to remind us all that the only thing that matters is being present always.

Diane Makarowski

Life Coach, Columnist, Author, Motivational Speaker

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