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From the Editor's Desk - A Lesson from Twilight

Do you remember the book/movie Twilight? You know, sparkly, vegetarian vampires? Well, the other day I was reminiscing about my beloved teen classic, which got me thinking about an important lesson tucked in between all the Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle drama. You see, Edward and his family are all vampires – some with special powers. His sister, Alice, can see visions of the future. However, her visions only become clear when someone has made a decision about their life. Otherwise, her visions are fuzzy and she sees various outcomes for the person she is envisioning.

For example: throughout the book (the whole series, really) Edward toils with his love for human Bella, and can never stay away from her despite his desire for her to live a “normal” life. Because of his indecision, Alice’s visions of Edward and Bella change, and are not certain. Different possibilities of their futures come in and out of her mind. If Edward was more decisive, Alice’s vision would lock onto one of the images she sees, which is Edward and Bella together.

Where is the lesson in all this fictional vampire talk? Well, we all have dreams and goals for our lives. But we get indecisive. Someone makes a mean comment about our plans; someone tells us that the person we are dating isn’t right; we have a personal setback and get discouraged. When we start to lose faith in our dreams and we waiver on our goals, our plans become unclear. Different visions of our futures tumble in and out of our minds, and we start to lose the reason why we started in the first place.

In 2024, I challenge you to lock onto your goals and dreams for the year, and not lose your vision. They say that for the law of attraction to work, you must “know, like you know, like you know” that you will receive the things you ask for. In an uncertain world, we have to be more certain than ever about what we want, what is important to us, and what we want to invest our energy into. There are so many distractions today, encouraging us to relent our dreams and give in to despair. More than ever, you must make a daily habit of meditating, planning, and putting your dreams into action. We must maintain a clear vision of our lives and forge ahead with determination.

Who knew Stephanie Meyer would use vampires to remind us how important it is to have resilience?

Here’s to our visions becoming clear in 2024!

Krista Hannesen 

Executive Editor, Editorial Director, 

A Beautiful Life Magazine

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