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It's Time to Ditch Toxic Cleaning Supplies - Here's an Alternative

Using lemon in your home is an amazing way to remove odours, help concentration, and improve mental wellbeing without using harsh chemicals. It is cost-effective and super fresh. Here are some of our favourite ways you can use lemon to freshen up your home - keep scrolling!

  • Throw half a lemon into a large pot, add water and bring to a boil. Let simmer for a couple of hours to allow the aroma to fill your kitchen

  • Add some drops of lemon juice to your humidifier to not only freshen your bedroom but also freshen up the humidifier itself

  • Mix equal amounts of water and lemon juice and place mixture in a spray bottle. Lightly spray your couches, linen, and the air in your home.

  • Mix the juice from half a lemon with 1 cup of water and wipe on mirrors. Wipe off after 10 seconds for a fresh and clean mirror

  • Add lemon slices to 2 cups of warm water and let cool. Add mixture to spray bottle once cool and spray on your dog's fur to condition their coat, prevent flea bites and to freshen up their scent!


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