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Flickers of Light

By: Melissa Downard

We must share the strength everyday to move forth, move through, enjoy.

Now in the time of beginning, it flickers off and on. Like the streetlights. The flickers of light bouncing on the pond. The butterflies, the birds singing, speaking their truth of their belonging. Of light and night in their forest and their trees of light, in their life time, it is the belonging, the breeding, the feeding that carries them forth, this can be cherished, and encouraged with one another now, deep within it all within our hearts, it’s what we desire. It's our truth.

We must speak our truth to find kindness and caring to give to one another and help us belong. We do belong in this night passage. We are one together now. In our times of trying and succeeding. Becoming one, together forth we can go to share our one path of deliverance now and on it goes what we start to share, that flicker of light. We can light that candle. That candle will burn. Please pass that candle and light on to one another, it’s that shining light within each of us we want to shine out to the world. Giving us hope and kindness.

To be free of fears. To be full of wonder, it is now, we can shine. It takes us farther down this road and path, don’t stop now, it will be grand, it can take you farther then it has ever been before.

The fret of it all, don’t fret. It's not needed. Fear is not needed, it’s hope and blind courage and faith, have it all now, it will serve you well and it will serve its purpose of kindness now and in delight, the oneness now, to share it all, it’s a one jump up of that true strength of believers now, twinkling on and shining far.

Don’t release too quickly. Slow like a summer stream, sailing down, away and away. Let the fears go away. Bring the peace, bring the courage, bring the times of belonging now. From the earth to the sky, the sky is the limit, no there is no limit. It is before us now, the trials we face. We must share the strength everyday to move forth, jump up, move through, enjoy.

The passages of hope are strong with the young, the young ones will sing. They will glide, they will soar, pass it on, the dandelions of hope. Plant the seed, it will grow, in our minds, in our bodies, in our souls. In our hope to the next consciousness, the next conscious being to evolve to of light and light mass, lifting higher up. Even higher, through the rainbow. It is there, we are there, we are here with you now. Expansion, breathing, breeding and now bleeding through this passageway, the journey, do not falter, do not worry of falter. It will be fine; it is of strength and giving.

You will seek out and find your camaraderies and comrades to join in this vast knowledge of true purpose and hope and light, belonging in our community. We shall not drift apart, we shall merge, join our paths, carry forth the flame of night and light. In the beginning they will need your guidance and your help to take that step of the stairway on our journey up as one to be involved in our one true purpose on this earth we call home.

The light it flickers, it is stronger and stronger, breath forth your passions and delights now, carry it on that horseback ride of strength of the stallion, moving forth, saddle up, it’s a mighty one out there. We are here helping and joining. You are not alone. Strike forth with passion and kindness, it is all around you, that beauty you see.

We are there, we are here, you are there, and you are here. With the birds soaring high and soaring low. Don’t miss a beat, keep on that path, keep on the journey. It’s like a jungle but you will you find your way and when you come to the other side, you will be in awe of the delights waiting for you then.

Please cast away all your doubts and fears and join us in this passage of night and light. Love with kindness and caring. Strive forth and believe it is one, you are one, you are love, kindness, we all believe in you, please shine and share your light with all who needs and requires assistance on this world you call home and the people, the humans that you love that need to come together and rest assured we will be together.

Resting now with light and love, peace, and a willingness to carry on and the flicker of hope, night light and love of Jesus and mercifulness, amen. Cast forth forward and be seeking the seekers of light. Amen and follow amen.

About Melissa Downard Owner and Founder of True Beings of Light Intuitive Healing In Georgetown On.

Welcome to my sacred space where I offer you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones, spirit guides and angels.

Melissa is a true healer, physically, energetically and spiritually. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and has received channeled messages which she has recorded and published. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition.No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone whether, here or beyond that is helping them heal at a soul level.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, and Essenian assistant healer. Melissa has been trained as a Reiki Master and Registered Practical Nurse and has recently trained in medical office assistant. She is also a contributing writer to A Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics to spread the knowledge that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart opening awareness.

Contact Melissa

Facebook: True Beings Of Light Intuitive Healing

Instagram: misslissad

Twitter: kisslissad

LinkedIn: Melissa Downard

Mobile: 905 866 7424

Please message me to connect for guidance and healing in these new challenging times. Join me for a soul purpose reading where your guides can help you thrive in these times. Find out what they want you to know!


Always in the light,

Melissa Downard


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