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Finding Peace & Serenity amidst the Storm

My Personal Freedom!

It is essential that we appreciate the many role models of our time—for these great men and women came among to be beacons of light so that we, too, can find the courage to rise above our dark night of our soul. For example, had it not been for Dr. Vicktor Frankl, an Austrian Jew who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Hitler’s regime, and subsequently wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, which was translated into 36 languages, millions of readers world-wide would have missed the opportunity of growing and benefiting from Dr. Frankl’s writings. But more importantly understanding that 'to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in our suffering'!

Furthermore, understanding that there is a reason for everything that happens in life is the first step towards our thousand mile journey. And it is up to the serious seeker of Higher Universal knowledge to discover the reasons for the injustice, the pain and suffering that we have, at the soul level, chosen to experience.

Whether we are the victim of a crime or the perpetrator of one-- forgiving ourselves and others for our mistakes gives us all a new lease on life. We get another chance. A man or a woman can do wondrous things with another chance. All of us want to be lifted up. All of us want to be celebrated. But those who have been lifted up and celebrated will tell you some pretty 'heart-wrenching' stories of the times when they have crashed and lost everything. Let us listen to their stories—for they will humble us. Without humility we have no chance to rise above from our ashes!

As I dressed and proceeded towards the nature trail only a few minutes from home, I felt so privileged that I had been blessed with such a serene and peaceful environment only a few minutes from home. I had grown to love my new surroundings—for I knew that I had been guided to this safe community by Spirit. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling at awe at the beauty surrounding me and being able to enjoy such beautiful and peaceful surroundings was truly a gift from heaven!

Suddenly however in the midst of God’s gift to me, I became overwhelmed with sadness. I was alone! The sadness which I had no time to process in the past year was being expressed in unstoppable tears, which came rolling down my cheeks like a flood that had been held back, but that had finally forced the wall of resistance to open the flood that could not be stopped from reaching its destination. I sat on the on a tree stump that appeared to be beckoning me to sit, giving my tears permission to be released. The safety of the forest was my audience, a witness to my profound loss that only those individuals that have experienced betrayal can understand.

This moment in time was a special gift that provided me with a non-judgmental atmosphere that respected and honoured my feelings of sadness and despair. For all my dreams of what could have been had been swept away like an unsuspecting torrent that came from nowhere. The gift however was that now I could connect to my feelings which had been boxed and stored away for many months while I wore my 'logical hat' and dealt with the adult issues that accompany a legal separation. I was now free to be me! Healing my wounded heart and shattered soul, that only the wounded know and understand when the trust, which has been taken for granted has been destroyed. This new beginning needed to be honoured and healed!

To be free however also means to set others free. Therefore, I knew there was another step that I needed to take to free myself from the past and emotionally release my former husband from the 'role' that he had taken in my life and I in his. I was inspired to write him one final letter, which I hoped would end our animosity that we both felt towards each other. I wanted to be emotionally free myself from the chains that had kept me imprisoned for many years.

Soul Partnership

….”you took a very important role on the earth plane, and although on the surface it appears to be one of betrayal, however things are not always as they appear! For Jesus' coming was to re-balance our planet from fear to love which saved our planet from destruction over 2000 years ago. Therefore, had it not been for Judas, who hung himself because of his guilt and shame for having betrayed his faithful Master, the world would have never learned the most liberating lessons of forgiveness and unconditional love”.

When we are ready to stop perceiving ourselves as victims of life's circumstances and walk with our head high, internal freedom is possible. Furthermore, embracing that we are a 'Spark of Divinity of God's Consciousness having a human experience, will assist us to spread our wings and fulfill our life's purpose! I AM fulfilling my life's purpose!

The Gifts of 

Rita's International Award Winning Poem 2007  

When I claim my pain, 
I receive the gift of healing

When I claim my anger, 
I receive the gift of understanding

When I claim my emptiness, 
I receive the gift of self-worth

When I claim my guilt, 
I receive the gift of forgiveness

When I claim my arrogance, 
I receive the gift of humility

When I claim my fear, 
I receive the gift of trust When I claim my awareness, 
I receive the gift of wisdom

When I claim my truth, 
I receive the gift of freedom!

I AM Now Free to Be Who I AM!

Rita Be-Still, Light Bearer , Author, Motivational Speaker Be-Still - A New Dawn of Awakening - Bridge to Inner Freedom


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