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Finding and Living Your Divine Life Purpose

The question that many people are struggling with is how they can find and live their life purpose. Are you living or working in a job or life situation that fits your sense of self and belonging?

As adults, we can find ourselves in (usually work-related) situations that a client of mine described as "I feel like I'm in handcuffs." We ask ourselves "How did we get to this place?" A better question would be "How do we change it?"

If you feel “off”, or not on purpose, lost, or unclear, you are not aligned with your soul and who you really are.

As a child and later as a young person, I was often asked (as many of us were) "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The problem is that we get attached to titles and jobs but miss the point of who we really are and what our soul strengths are.

I think that what happens is that we are schooled and expected to choose a path.

This path typically has a label or job title attached to it. For many of us, making the choice happens even before we begin to explore our talents, interests, or even what makes us happy. For me, I loved animals and wanted to be a vet. I had very little natural affinity for the hard sciences and no one offered me any other suggestions for how I could work with animals. It was just crossed off the list and that left me feeling empty.

My other thought was that I wanted to be a teacher. Sounds good, right? Well, not exactly. Circumstances weren't compatible with me being able to go to teacher's college. So, I got a regular job that paid the bills, but left me unhappy and unfulfilled.

My love of animals, teaching, coaching, and learning never left me.

I discovered that there are more ways to become a teacher than teacher's college. I started teaching dancing as soon as I was able. After that, I learned more and more wonderful things and discovered that I was able to teach anything I have learned. What could this mean for you? What do you love to do? What gives you the most fulfillment? I can help you figure it out.

No matter where you are on your life journey, there is still time to make a change to get you onto the path of your divine life purpose. If you are wondering what happened to my love of animals, I have been able to add various elements of pet care into my life and metaphysical practice. This was all possible through Soul RealignmentTM and finding my own Divine Life Purpose through this modality.

I've attended seminars and workshops and the question often comes up "What is your purpose?" Invariably, the answer that is often the most quickly delivered by one or two people is the word "service". Used in the abstract, I don't understand what this means for most of us. You know, the creative artists, accountants, bankers, police officers, teachers, counsellors, car wash attendants, veterinarians, baristas, and more. You know, it’s you and me.

Your Divine Life Purpose isn't a job, at title, a noun, or even a verb. It is who you are at the soul level.

Do you sometimes wish that people understood you? Do you wish that you understood yourself and your own choices better? Do you wish that you could help your children find their Divine Life Purpose and make better choices sooner than you did?

As a Soul RealignmentTM practitioner, our session will show you exactly who you are at your soul level and what your divine life purpose is. I can give you an empowering clearing exercise to help remove negativity from your soul story. Soul RealignmentTM is an intuitive healing modality focused on assisting spiritual seekers in living their Divine self-expression within this human experience.

Remember, finding your Divine Life Purpose is not a job finding club. Understanding who you are at your soul level will give you that "Ah-ha" moment you’ve been looking for to truly understand the depths of who you are at your innermost self. This helps to empower you with your decision making, business, health, wellness, and relationships.

Your Divine Life Purpose is what you'd "go to the mat" for. The thing that means the most to you, that you'd keep no matter what. It could be your vocation, your hobby, or your personal mission.

It would be my privilege to help you find your Divine Life Purpose through Soul RealignmentTM and help you bring more joy into your life.

Rev. Shirlee Rankin has been a therapist, educator, and speaker for over 30 years and is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Animal Communicator, and is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Through years of dedication and study in various physical and metaphysical streams, she is dedicated to helping people discover their Divine Life Purpose and assists couples and families with Soul Realignment, Relationship Readings, Healing family traumas, and performs crystal and reiki treatments for both people and animals.

Shirlee is now called to help in a new way by becoming a metaphysical minister and offering her services as a counselor, wedding officiant, and celebrates life transitions for both people and pets.



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