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Linda Cooper

Counsellor, Life Transitional Coach, Faculty Member at the Therapeutic Writing Institute

My name is Linda Cooper, Owner of Inward Bound, where I coach people in changing their lives from the inside out. With a background in counselling and contemplative studies, I educate, motivate and support you in making the necessary changes to live your most inspired life .

I am a Life Transitions Coach, Counsellor, Freelance Writer, Blogger at a Faculty Member at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, a Certified Transitions Writing Specialist, a regular contributor to A Beautiful Life Magazine, a Journal to the Self Instructor, A Certified Journal Facilitator, and a Certified Yoga Teacher and I am certified as a Psychological First Aider with the Red Cross.

I combine my knowledge, experience and skills to create a safe, supportive space for you to explore your life and to make the changes you desire.

Change is hard. Whether it is a change in circumstance, or a change in perspective. I’m here to come alongside you through this journey of change and transformation.


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