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“Does money buy happiness?”

This question crosses everybody’s mind at some point in life and in that moment we all get too lost in our fantasies, paying little attention to what the answer is.

Majority of people around us struggle for their dreams and spend their lifetime for the things they have always wanted. The struggle often never ends and we always are running in the hamster wheel, thus money keeps buying happiness for us.

The fact is money does buy happiness, but, to an extent. The extent is the necessities of life. You can have all the money on earth but still want more. The constant desire for more creates an imbalance in your life which leads to devastation.

Is Balance Important in Life?

What if someone’s desire of amassing wealth keeps on increasing? What if someone appreciates money more than a balanced life?

Well, here’s a heads up for them.

Jim Carrey said “I wish everybody makes a huge sum of money so they can find out that money’s not the answer”.

What will you do with all the money anyway? Buy a sports car? Well, if you don’t have a family, where will you drive the car to?

Pursuing money blindly will take you down a lonely road in majority of the cases. You probably won’t have time for you family, and you will consume your best years running after something that you don’t need. You just want it.

The Concept of Balanced Life

It is important to have balance in all areas of your life – Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, friendship, fun home and others that may be important for you but being ignored. Having things in equal proportions make life far more enjoyable and productive.

Excess of something will only make you indifferent to that particular thing thus decreasing the importance of that thing in life. The excess will also take you down dangerous roads as it will create imbalance in your life.

Life is not meant to be a collection of things. It is meant to be a balanced collection of experiences, sacrifices, and good decisions.

The Daunting “Millionaire by Thirty” Trend

One of the things that has stressed the entire millennial generation is the trend of becoming a millionaire by the time they’re thirty. It pushes the entire young generation to run in a hamster wheel unwantedly. They are stressed, having severe depression, and suicide rates are all time high.

Teenagers are working 16 hours a day and never taking any off days. People don’t have time for their families, and even for themselves. All they want is to have a huge bank account or something similar. The mess is one of a kind.

People need to understand that it is really important to have friends, spend time with family, and move towards their goal steadily. Rushing things will keep you from savoring the learning experience and what not.

The Bottom Line

The above narrative does not aim to undermine anyone out there. Neither does it encourage to have small goals. All it encourages is to have one piece at a time, moving steadily, and maintaining balance in life.

This advice is the stitch in time that will save nine!

As you plan for 2022 make sure your goals include a balance in all areas of your life.

Visit and book a free consultation to see how you can create a balanced life.


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