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Do you feel attracted to stones or feel or know their energy? and would you like to heal others?

If you feel that you would love to heal others with high energetic healings by developing your healing gifts and putting them into practice right away, then you are ready to participate in our Essenian Healings Workshop!

The Essenian Healings are ancient 5th-dimensional healing techniques that address our karma and have an effect on the energy field in and around our bodies where all our physical and mental functions have been programmed. They were practiced over 2000 years ago by the gnostic community of Essenes, by Mary Magdalene and Jesus among others.

These high energetic healings are not a religion and they have been given back again to all humanity by the Highest Energy Source - Mother/Father God at this time of transformation on Earth from the 3rd to the 5th-dimensional energy. It is thanks to Essenian Master Lisa Lux and her complementary soul Henk Mulder that this ancient knowledge has been compiled and documented after many years of channeling with the divine energies Mary Magdalene and Jesus. To learn more about it, visit

During these 2-day Workshops you will learn first in Level 1: - Step by step how to perform the 3 Essenian Healings of Level 1: Water healing, Mental healing, and Organ and Soft Tissue Pain healing. This is hands-on training and it is not possible to teach this knowledge online. -The Power of stones and how to clean and tune them up in the Essenian method -The Power of the Mind and the Power of Love that you will train to perform your healings.

At the end of these 2 days (7-8 hrs each day), you will receive 17 stones to perform healings for people right away and you will also receive a diploma as an Essenian Healer Level 1. Note: No minimum requirement and no previous experience are needed to participate in this workshop. If this knowledge resonates with you and you are ready to develop your healing gifts to heal others, do not hesitate to contact me for more information. You can call me at (289)541-7803 or visit our website: COST: CAD $155

Maximum capacity per class: 5 people

Our upcoming workshop will be on November 19 - 20, 2022

If you live outside the GTA (The Greater Toronto Area), Ontario Canada, and you know other people that would like to join you and participate in Essenian Healings Level 1 workshop, as well, please contact me to talk about the possibility of doing this training in your home town.

With Love, Danesa Lozano Essenian Master, Reiki Master, and Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle in Canada #healingenergy #healingschool #5thdimension #essenianhealings #karma #healers

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