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By: Petra Williams

I found myself yo-yoing between the desire for riches and the desire for enlightenment.

The desire for money and riches is almost blasphemy in the spiritual space. Somehow the old religious dogma from 2000 years ago that you had to be poor to be spiritual have been adopted by the modern spiritual community.

This is contradicted by the consciousness movement that preaches that we are here to be hugely abundant in every aspect including money. It’s said that we can have everything we want and that all we have to do is focus on and align with what we want.

And then when it comes to running a coaching, consulting or healing business, we’re told that it’s not about the money, it’s about the service - but if we don’t focus on the money, then the business fails and we can’t be of service.

Pretty soon we don’t know if we’re Arthur or Martha, and then we’re no good to anyone including ourselves.

So what’s the answer?

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve wanted to be rich and famous. I’d dreamt of having a big white mansion with a driver bringing round the Bentley on Sundays for the husband and I to take a drive. It was deliciously lavish.

Now 42, I still have that dream and am no closer to it than when I was 10 years old. I found myself yo-yoing between the desire for riches and the desire for enlightenment. Somehow I couldn’t marry the two leaving me just above broke both financially and spiritually.

I hated it.

No matter what anyone said and how much spiritual inner work I did, I wanted to live an adventurous, bold life – and I wasn’t.

I was missing something and I didn’t know what until I saw a women I had interviewed for my podcast The Red Hot Truth, post messages and photos on how she wanted to attract great wealth.

And I’m talking big money here.

I knew that she was a successful businesswoman who lived in alignment with her spiritual values, and I was curious to find out what she was up to. Turns out that she was doing the July RichAF money challenge run by her colleague, a medium who helps people build 7 figure incomes (that’s millions if you’re wondering).

Well they say to model the people that have what you want so I starting doing the challenge too. And what I found astonished me. It changed my whole outlook on Conscious Money and charging for my gifts. I started feeling excited about making money.

I was so inspired, that I developed ‘The Show Me The Money Challenge’ for The Red Hot Truth Community.

What I added were interviews with highly successful millionaire businesswomen in the coaching, healing and consulting space. I wanted to learn from them because I knew that they were thinking and behaving differently to the rest of us women ‘working hard for our money’.

Here is one truth from four of the seven women I interviewed on Conscious Money.

Elizabeth Pfeiffer – Coaches Awakened and Aligned Healers

Elizabeth is financially free with her coaching programs starting at $8000. She shares that you can’t shift the energy without changing the mindset because it’s your thoughts that create the energy. Once you change your mindset to thoughts of abundance and grace, money will flow to you easily and effortlessly without you having to work for it.

Kim Lloyd – Money Coach for Businesswomen

Kim’s business brought in just over $1 million profit in the last financial year. She recommends that you get your current financial house in order to make space for new money. When you know how much money you want and where it’s going, then the Universe provides abundantly.

Elizabeth Anne Walker – Coaching and NLP Training

Elizabeth built a $1 million coaching business in one year and closed $125 000 worth of business in three days during COVID19. Her advice is that you have to allow the flow of money. Allow it to flow into your experience and then direct it to where you want it to go next. Saving and hoarding money blocks the flow for everyone downstream and eventually money will find a way around you, missing you all together.

Rebekah L. Femia – Online Business Money Expert

Rebekah made $1.2 million profit in the last year and shares that it’s essential for us in the spiritual space to attract massive amounts of money into our lives so that money can be in the hands of good people. Currently money is being used without regard for Mother Earth and women, and for us to have the big environmental and human impact we desire, we need to have the money in our hot hands.

Michelle Master – NLP Money Expert

Over 25 years, Michelle has personally helped thousands of people around the world become multi-millionaires. She shares how creating a program on money was the most spiritual experience of all. Money is a blessing from the Universe. It is sweet and available. It loves to play. Once we remove our attachments and revisit our old money programming, it’ll simply flow with joy and ease.

As is demonstrated by each of the above women who have amassed great riches, money is a beautiful spiritual energy that is kind and giving, and gives us the means to do positive and meaningful things on this earth. It is your birthright to enjoy the abundance fully without attachment or obligation.

If this excites you and inspires you to want to know how to invite this playful energy into your life, join The Show Me The Money Challenge on

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Petra Williams

Petra's a dedicated humanist with an insatiable drive to help people live their truth. An international talk show host, podcaster, speaker, and transformational travel business owner.

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