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Thanks for Joining!

Come and learn about these 5th Dimensional Healings and try 5 min of Reiki Energy!

Come and join us to our next Talk!

During this Talk you will learn: - The Power of our thoughts and how to change your thoughts into positive ones - The Transformation on Earth to the 5th dimensional energy and what this means - Why is important to receive healings and Reiki initiations at this time - Where our ailments, illnesses, diseases & problems come from - What are the ancient Essenian healings & Pleiadian Healings and how they work - Who were the Essenes and how was their way of living and healing - Reiki Energy and how it works + EXPERIENCE 5 MIN REIKI - What happens during Reiki Initiations

COST PER PERSON: CAD$5 Note: Payment required prior to the event

LOCATION: Meadowvale Community Centre (Program Room #1 - beside Library) 6655 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 3L4, Canada

To RESERVE your seat, please contact us at: Tel: (289)541-7803 Email:

Danesa Lozano Reiki Master-teaching, Essenian Master-teaching & Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle in Canada


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