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Chocolate - Not Just an Aphrodisiac

Not only is it said that chocolate is great for awakening our desires, but believe it or not, I found another use for it and a great excuse to buy a bar and keep it in the house for those, well, you know… those special days.

Now come on, I am not talking about what you think I am talking about. Let’s get the mind out of where it just went. I’m talking about hiccups! Yup, I stumbled across this amazing cure years ago when my son and I were having dinner, eating a greasy pizza from a nearby store. And being Italian, it was nothing like the pizzas we make at home.

We were laughing and joking around as we always do, and I began to hiccup repeatedly. As funny as it was, it hurt. My son started to hiccup shortly after me. Of course, in our giggly mood, I told him to hold his breath, then we danced around with one hand on our heads, lifting one leg and hopping around in a circle. Of course, none of these remedies worked, but it got us laughing like crazy.

Still, in our giggly mood, I grabbed some chocolate. When in doubt, grab chocolate. My major weakness. Can you believe that not five minutes passed, and my hiccups were gone! My son looked at me, unbelieving it would work again, and he tried it next. Sure enough, his hiccups stopped too. And it has worked for the people I have mentioned it to, up until now.

Just another great reason, uh…excuse…Oh, just go grab a piece.

Cheers to Chocolate!


S R John, Author of Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby

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