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Change Your View of the World

...and the World You View Changes

Change is everywhere, yet the world you are viewing looks exactly the same as it did yesterday. You want change, you crave different and yet, your every move places you in the same spot with the same images.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of daily life and not see beyond our own view of the world. How then, do you change what you see and is it really that easy? The short answer is Yes! You can change what you view of the world and suddenly you realize that the world you are seeing is quite different from your old view.

I realized one day that I was seeing a lot less crazy people, incendiary comments and wild, full of rage rants in my social media feeds. It struck me that I had decided some time ago to literally be like Gandhi, (well, not completely, just a little bit!), ‘Be the change you wish to see’ – and so I did! I stopped commenting, engaging, or doing anything on social media posts that involved rants, one-sided views or those who were trying to cause mischief. You know who I am talking about – the internet trolls who act empowered behind a computer screen of obscurity and spew nothing except contempt with every letter they type. Instead, I focused more on good news stories, animal shenanigans, happy/fun things and all around motivational moments. Slowly and surely, my world view changed from stressful to successfully spectacular!

In all of this there were some folks I had to either unfollow or block and it was the best thing I ever did! I cannot be what I want to be if I am allowing the negative nellies free reign in my physical or cyber world. If you are like me, (and billions more!), you spend a lot of time in cyber space and it can be as stressful if not more so, than being in a physically stressful space. I posted this on my Facebook feed the other day and I think you all should have this somewhere you can see it, ”Your love is rare, strip it away from anyone who treats you as if you’re ordinary”, by r.h. Sin (aka Rueben Holmes – Instagram poet). Rip your love, mind, body, spirit and eyes from anything or anyone who does not see your greatness and only seeks to make you into their image of what you should be.

I have talked many times about this and I’m gonna say it again. You have to make yourself happy first before you can make anyone else happy. That is the entire focus for my weekly radio show, and in the work I do with clients - to bring the happy, fun, and playful out so your days are a little lighter in spirit and leave you with a bellyful of giggles! I will even go one thought further – it is not my responsibility to make anyone other than myself happy. I cannot control how you will respond to any actions or words I do or say. So how on earth can I even think that it is my job to make someone else happy, when trying to do so is like trying to stop the wind from blowing? (If you can do that, then you need a job at the National Weather Service because they can use as much help as they can get with weather reporting and control!) And since this is not possible for you to manage, redirect your focus on the things you can change – how you view the world and your place in it.

I am here to tell you that the minute you decide you want to be a change maker and refocus your vision and efforts, the world will immediately change what it shows you. It truly happens, ask and you shall receive. Once I decided I wanted no more of the rage, anger, contempt, and I was only going to focus on being the best happy I could, then every person, opportunity, and situation is now one that I can truly enjoy even if it is a 'no' right now or ever. AND…I also had to change my expectation of others as well. I cannot expect anyone else to make me happy. First off, that is giving someone else control over what happens in my life or how I respond to life and second, I did not come here to be controlled by anyone other than my own thoughts and purpose. Stop giving power and your essence away to those who aren’t worthy of it and don’t honor it.

This sounds great, right? Now how can you change your view of the world?? I always hear these fantastic suggestions then I think how do I take that next step to doing this? Well, naturally you have to decide you want to change and are ready to make it a common event every day. Choosing to change your view is the same as embarking on a workout routine. It takes time to become stronger, to build your endurance and make it a habit that becomes second nature. Same idea applies to any type of long term change. Once you’ve done that, here are some fun activities to add into your life to make it lighter, more fun, full of joy, giggles and lots of play! One thing you will hear me say constantly is that “happy people make healthier choices” and the best choice you can make is the one that is for you first! Here are a few of my favorite fun, get happy activities that I hope you enjoy adding as well! Go on change maker – get busy changing your world view one simple step at a time!

Get crafty – It’s a great way to distract from the problems you were facing, it’s relaxing and releases endorphins. It also allows your mind to work differently and get out of the anger and frustrating pattern it was in. It is impossible to be creative while stressed and nasty!

Have Sex – If you can’t do this or don’t have someone to do this with, then hugging, kissing or touching someone also releases the same hormones that will relax you. A relaxed view is a changed view!

Laugh – You hear me do it constantly on my radio show and when people meet me in person they all say, ‘you really are like this all the time!’ Why, yes I am and thank you! Catch the joy-bug and spread it generously folks!

Cuddle with an animal – Do I really need to say anything more here?!

Swear! – Especially if you don’t do it on a regular basis! A few good F-bombs mixed in with some shits, craps and dammits makes a body feel good! It helps relieve stress you are experiencing and usually leads to the 3rd recommendation I gave – Laughing! View changed already!

Literally change your view – Go outside or on a vacation. The world looks a lot different from a different window or different country. Open up your mind by opening up to a new location!

Perform a random act of kindness – There’s a reason this works so well. I promise you there are always people in worse situations than the place you find yourself and when you can give money, time, or donate items to someone you don’t know, it is amazing how great you feel and immediately the world looks and feels loads brighter! Those were just 7 of the thousands of things you can do to change your view of the world so that the world you view changes. You are worth every single minute you are here and the world needs your view to be one of play, purpose and passion! Be that change today. You owe it to no one more than yourself. And be sure to reach out to me on my website to see how we can begin working on your next view change together. With you every step of your happy, healthy journey!

Dorci Hill 3-time best-selling author, radio host, speaker, sacred movement mentor, chocolate & cheesecake lover and your most excellent giggle buddy!

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