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Break Self-Perceived Boundaries, Live Life Authentically

Ashley Anjlien Kumar

Author, Speaker, Wisdom Coach(TM), Parent Coach, SEL Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Coach, Dance Artist, & Registered Yoga Instructor.

Ashley Anjlien Kumar empowers women and girls to share their stories, break self-perceived boundaries, live life authentically, and journey towards life-balance amidst what may seem like a chaotic world.

For almost 25 years, Ashley has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from her training in dance, fitness, yoga, business, and life-coaching. Her focus on enhancing the quality of life of her clients has always been at the forefront of her work.

As a certified personal trainer, yoga & dance instructor, speaker & coach, Ashley's specialized focus is providing support for personal growth, healing and self-realization through movement. She holds the strong belief that concentrated motion can be meditative and that principles of dance and yoga practice can provide skills to live a fulfilling life.

Life can be challenging with circumstances constantly threatening our personal harmony...In The Balance Code she discusses the Lotus Effect - a unique way of seeing yourself as a resilient person full of potential.

Ashley's professional journey is multi-faceted. She has been training in dance since she was 6 years old and continues a life-long relationship with her Guru in Toronto. She started her career in health and wellness at 16 working in an Aromatherapy boutique. Her challenges with nutrition as a teenager led her to start a Nutritional Science degree after high school. In the midst of University she was offered a 4 month dance training program in Vancouver and of course she said yes! When she returned from her training, she started to work on her business Management Diploma at Grant MacEwan University (then called College).

She simultaneously started an education in financial services with a career college and became a financial services broker offering insurance and investments. She took many business training and self-development courses while working in the financial industry and even liaised as an assistant to high profile financial advisers and learned a lot about creating balance in one's financial life. After college, she worked for various health and wellness companies and was privileged to be trained by renowned specialists Dr. Andra Campitelli and Dr. Joey Shulman.

Shortly after that she pushed her dreams of dance further and became the Founder and Artistic Director of the South Asian Arts Movement, a registered non-profit cultural performing arts society operating since 2007. She is the creator and owner of the Beyond Bollywood(TM) Workshop Series presented in schools. In 2009 she obtained a certification from the esteemed Yoga Institute in India in Ashtanga Yoga. In 2010, she became certified as a Personal Trainer and started working in a gym while continuing to run her dance company.

In 2015 she completed her 200RYT training with a focus on Hatha Yoga. She branched out, expanded her focus and started her own fitness company - now called The Balance Code Yoga & Wellness (previously known as AKtion Fitness). In 2017 Ashley began her journey in Life Coaching and became a Certified Practitioner. She has plans of pursuing further training in coaching, yoga, yoga therapy, Thai yoga massage, advanced Kathak, and NLP. Since the beginning of her career she has directly influenced the lives of over 1500 people through her work in wellness, dance, fitness, nutrition and yoga.

Ashley has always had a drive to help girls and women; when she was awarded the prestigious title of Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40, she realized that she had the purpose, platform and ability to use her work to accomplish this.


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