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Because... Life is always in the worx!

What does it mean to be alive? Is it simply to breathe in and breathe out, move from one day to another, and tick off the tasks from a to-do list?

Nowadays, various apps allow goal tracking and send reminders of how much is left. People run to complete assignments without stopping to think whether these results contribute to the path they genuinely want to follow.

As a result, they wonder where time has gone and whether life is slowly passing by. When shifting from one undertaking to another, it may seem like time is flying, but nothing ever happens.

I have noticed this pattern lately in many of my clients, who are always working towards goals but never seem to feel fulfilled. Their goals are continuously in the works, yet the feeling of accomplishment never comes.

Our coaching discussions often center around re-evaluating their approach to objectives to ensure they are on the right path.

Reinforcing Self-Leadership and Shifting Your Focus

No one can stop the time nor pause their responsibilities. That is why you will often hear me say ... life is always in the worx. I even called my company after this concept!

Regardless of what you do, you’ll always find yourself chasing a dream, wish, a goal or objective. Sometimes, you’ll feel that’s all you do, leaving you no opportunity to enjoy the results.

But what if there’s a way to complete your tasks and feel a sense of satisfaction in your efforts? To make this a reality, you need to shift your mindset.

The question is, do you focus on what's truly important to you, or are you simply dealing with whatever life throws at you?

If you want your accomplishments to give you a sense of empower you and make your time invested valuable, you need to examine how you manage your self-leadership.

Everyone has the power to influence their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. Yet many direct that energy towards things that feel unnatural to them.

Instead, they often dedicate themselves to tasks that have no impact on their lives and take them further away from who they want to be.

It's crucial to be mindful of your self-talk when working on your goals, as this can make or break your day. Consider whether you're focusing on goals that don't align with your identity. If so, you are investing your time, effort, and energy in things that won't make you feel accomplished or that the time you spent had a deeper purpose.


Here’s how you can strive towards results that make a difference:


Practice Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness

Find what matters to you and what’s true to your identity by practicing self-discovery and becoming more self-aware. Strip away everything that feels forced or unnatural.

Assess your core values and what you genuinely want to achieve in your life. Be honest with yourself and consider whether you’re chasing particular goals only because society or people in your life expect that.

Do you feel that your actions and responsibilities are in harmony with your purpose, and what makes you feel happy? Discover how your choices might be keeping you on the wrong track and making you feel like you continuously have various goals in the works, yet you aren’t making progress.

Implement Small and Achievable Habits

You don’t have to take overly ambitious steps to get what you want. Instead, understand what you want to accomplish and start small... very small ... tiny.

Implement tiny habits that aren’t demanding, and you can enjoy them. Set achievable goals and pay attention to every success.

Celebrate your results and source motivation from every victory, regardless of its size. That way, you get the energy to keep going and remember every moment it took you to get there.

Identify the Obstacles

Consider why you feel like life is happening to you without a sense of fulfillment from your accomplishments. Also, identify what is holding you back from reaching your meaningful goals.

You may be procrastinating out of fear of not getting the desired outcomes or have a perfectionist mindset that makes you believe nothing is good enough. I can relate to this as a recovering perfectionist myself.

If you’re avoiding your responsibilities, it may due to lack of confidence, skills or knowledge. To overcome this, cultivate a positive mindset and boost your mental fitness and self-confidence muscles.

Start practicing mental fitness to strengthen your persistence and mental capability. By doing so, you will have a greater determination to reach your goals and exhibit the drive necessary to succeed.


Make a shift in your life and start working on your self-leadership and mental fitness today. Click here and find out how you can invest in yourself and discover how In The Worx can support your journey to self-leadership.

With life being always #intheworx, we support overwhelmed HR Professionals and Business Owners become intentional and present leaders, find focus through self-leadership, and successfully improve their employees’ experience at work.



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