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Be Love By Loving Self

By Lynda Dyer

So where does how you love yourself come in? Everyone reading this will have a different definition of love depending on how they were raised. While one person may see love as giving, nurturing, supporting and encouraging, another person may see love as unwanted attention from a highly controlling parent or an abuser. The point here is that everyone is right. They only have the diverse personal experiences and the feelings that they accumulated from those past experiences. We call this your perception. Everyone’s perception of themselves is their reality in their own unique way because of the way they are wired to perceive it differently. So how you love yourself will also be different.

The ‘self’ then becomes that combination of specific patterns in the wiring of your brain. These patterns form your personality. We keep those patterns of our self alive by activating (firing) those neural networks from learned patterns. We can then choose to fire different patterns, which allow us to process a myriad of different thoughts, ideas, concepts and actions as we choose to make changes to who we are and embrace the new ideas and concepts offered to us by our associations with people, places, events and exposure to materials we are learning from.

What then is our perception of self? What do our neural networks tell us about us? Do we love us? Are they happy thoughts or filled with limitations? Is it possible to change the perception of how we feel about us? If so, how do we do that? Why would we do that?

I believe it’s time we absolutely fell in love with us. Yes, you falling in love with you. Think about it for a moment. When you were created there were 1billion sperm and YOU SURVIVED. So you are one in a billion. The Universe thinks you are amazing and absolutely LOVES YOU. So now it’s time for you to fall in love with YOU. When we fall in love with our ideal self, the self that the Universe created, we are chemically creating a new version of ourselves. Everything in our system is firing at a whole new level.

I actually believe that this global pandemic of 2020 is a sign from the Universe to STOP and change the way we are thinking and behaving. I can respect what is going on right now because the Universe told me to STOP and think and behave differently when I had an autoimmune disease. The Universal messages were very clear back then as they are today. I was both ignorant and ignoring the messages and I became quite ill. The Universe would send me a cramp, sore muscles, take away my energy and in fact my independence. I was then hospitalised for not accepting the little kicks in messages, so the Universe sent me a big kick and put me into hospital. It was then that I changed me, my life and my world changed and I love it. I began studying what happened and how I got sick and I changed myself and my behaviour one step at a time and I became well. I am still well to this day.

The Universe is sending down the same warnings to the whole globe at the moment to stop abusing ourselves, each other and the planet. We have witnessed wars amongst countries and people, corruption, pollution and politics that all need addressing. We also became stressed out and have been suffering from anxiety at a far greater level than any other time in our history. Our children are the most stressed in history because we are divorcing, working around the clock and not paying them the attention they deserve.

So the Universe has been sending down the warnings for us to clean up our act and get well. We have had cyclones, fires, droughts, floods, rivers drying up and earthquakes just to name a few. We were not paying attention to the warnings so the Universe gave us a global pandemic that would isolate us from each other and the globe. We have seen millions of people affected by this. Some people dying, while other are have suffered loss beyond their wildest imaginations.

BUT we have STOPPED and we are seeing some great changes all around the globe with some people changing the way they think and behave. Some people are working less, giving more time to family and children, and learning to live and love each other all over again. The air is cleaner and the skies are blue again. The rivers run free and the drought has turned into thriving paddocks of food for the animals and the people. We have had time to think that LOVE is the answer to everything. We fell out of LOVE with us and what we had. It’s been a great realisation. I am personally grateful for the wake-up call.

All we have is LOVE. BE love and you will birth an amazing new future for you and the people around you.

Lynda Dyer Msc

Mind Power Global

Mob: 0418 960 366

Certified NLP Trainer & Master Trainer of Matrix Therapies

Registered Trainer Member of the NLPAA


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