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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Life is an adventure led by the wisdom of our souls.

Bonita Kay Summers

Psychic Life and Business Coach, and Owner of Spirit Kelowna Wellness

With more than 40 years of experience, Bonita has been working as a psychic coach since she gave her first professional reading at the age of 18. A mother of 4 and grandmother of 4, Bonita has enjoyed a varied career, which includes a background as a journalist, freelance writer, yoga instructor, software developer, crisis worker, editor of a national business magazine, and as a university administrator.

All of these pursuits made Bonita adept at handling crises, advising on career change and strategies for business, and supporting her clients through relationship and family upheaval, as well as guiding spiritual seekers on their journey toward conscious realization.

Bonita has spent her life seeking adventure and realization by travelling the world, exploring spiritual practices with teachers from other cultures. It's her life's intention and greatest joy to help her clients to find fulfillment and satisfaction through engaging their inner wisdom to make conscious choices and take constructive action to create an enlightened life.


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