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Am I Going "Crazy"?

“My love for you was unabashed and limitless; my grief will be the same.” – Helen

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequently spoken statements I hear from grieving pet-parents is, “I am devastated, I feel like I am going crazy, is there something wrong with me?

The aforementioned statement is neither complicated or long, yet it does carry much weight. Behind the words are feelings of shame, loneliness, fear, misunderstanding, judgment and isolation to name a few. For many pet-parents, their pet was their child and/or best friend. As overused and flighty as it may sound, a pet’s love and devotion are unconditional. The loss leaves a very big hole, only to be filled with anger, guilt, deep sadness and uncertainty. Pet’s give purpose and stability, they are wonderful company and without a doubt, have the unique ability to make us laugh when no one and nothing else can.

In short, give yourself permission to feel the pain, the turmoil and devastation; not because you are going crazy but because you have lost a dear friend. The shame, loneliness, fear, misunderstanding, judgment and isolation, those are labels, you do not need to accept them. Instead, acknowledge the loss and allow yourself to walk through your grief journey with unashamed sorrow. The devastation and the crazy will subside, slowly, one minute at a time, one hour at a time and one day at a time. Continue to walk forward; rest assure, beyond the devastation and the crazy there is a light. Many have found it and so will you.

Should you find yourself struggling, there is no need to do it alone, reach out and we can do this together. I am available for online appointments conducted with your health and privacy in mind.

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