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All the Inspo You Need for Your 2023 Dream Wedding

Create an ethereal atmosphere for your upcoming nuptials.

2023 weddings are all about relaxed, yet dreamy elegance. Many are still opting for small weddings, even if restrictions are lifted. Looking towards to future, couples are finding that while they want beautiful outfits, venues, decorations, cakes, and more, they just don't want to stress of weddings past. This year, look for creamy colours, tons of flowers, weightless weddings dresses, and soft, romantic hair and makeup. You'll see lots of food trucks with yummy-meets-upscale fare, and an emphasis on fun, light-hearted ceremonies and receptions.

When planning your wedding this year, think light and airy, with touches of wood for grounding. Daisies are a great flower option - either as a main or accent flower as it's friendly, but not too overdone. A semi-outdoor setting creates intimacy but allows for sunlight to stream in while you say "I do." Using white or off-white as your main colour will not only allow for you to pick an array of accent colours, but it also allows for the sunlight to bounce off your decor, adding to the buoyancy of your ceremony.


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