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Akashic Record Workshop

Learn to open and get information from your own Akashic Records and also read for another. ## About this event

Akashic Records contain the story or blueprint of your soul. It contains all your information from the first spark of creation and expanding into many infinite possibilities; past, present, future and multidimensional. When accessing the Akashic records you are expanding your awareness and consciousness, so that you can travel into this soul level dimension of consciousness. The Akashic field is one of unconditional love, free from judgement and to be considered a safe and sacred space where you can really dive deep into the essence of who you are.

In this workshop, conducted by myself Melissa Downard and Nisreen Mama Foda, you will learn a little bit about the history of Akashic Records, how to access your own personal Akashic Records as well as those of others and have hands on practice time to get conversant with it. You can join the workshop in person or online. Upon registration we shall get in touch with you to inquire on your preferred mode of joining the class. Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022 Tme: 11am to 3pm with a half hour lunch break (Please bring a small lunch with you) Place: Oakville, ON Fee: $122 per person

Spot confirmed after receipt of payment.

  • Registration is on first come first served basis.

For any questions please feel free to email or or call Melissa 905 866 7424 you can pay by etransfer or pay pal Paying by pay pal there is an additional 5 dollar fee so it will be $127.00


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