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A Non-traditional and Cognitive Approach to Create Inspired Ideas and Strategies

Mia Johnson

Relationship/Divorce/Parenting Coordination Coach; Neurolinguistic Strategist

Out of the Tangled Web: Relationships Decoded. FCA-Fascination Analyst, DISC analyst-Mediator

Mia is a Neuro-Linguistic Consultant, Coach/Psychotherapist/ (and REALTOR®) who takes a non-traditional and cognitive approach to create inspired ideas and strategies for purpose-driven individuals but particularly, entrepreneurs. She uses her intuitive gifts and blends them with her personal and professional acumen to give Individuals, Couples, and Families insight into some of the Relationship issues but

(also Entrepreneurs, on how to "market and brand" themselves effectively) but also Dialogue to have transparent and effective communication with their Sellers, Buyers, Investors, and B2B businesses, effectively incorporating creative, unique ways to turn their ideas into income. With a strong background in leadership, sales, marketing, coaching, and training, Mia weaves her passion for successful strategies that are divinely designed and custom to not only the business but the individual.

Neurolinguistics is the science of communication. Through our speaking, each of us creates the unique reality we live in. THE STORY I'M TELLING MYSELF...

This speaking is the internal, as well as the external dialogs that are constantly running, verbally & non-verbally; so much so that, normally, we don’t even hear what we are saying to others or within our minds. Neurolinguistics listen for how the use of language & it can be used with individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, businesses & corporations. The single most important element in MARKETING is not how YOU see the World, but how the WORLD sees YOU.

Mia has also been a licensed REALTOR® GRI, RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert); PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor; and Nationally Certified Mediator. A former Broker-Associate, she uses over 30 years of Real Estate experience and "know-how" to help individuals have a personalized managed REFERRAL experience anywhere in the World. She designs effective personal dialogue and market approaches for Realtors, as well as brings "balance" into their mindsets-juggling work and home life. Innovate, Holistic and real strategies to bring about homeostasis.

For individuals considering a way to grow MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, income that is NOT based on a "dollar-for-hour" mentality, Mia can help individuals regardless of their age or past experience, learn how to grow and maintain a lucrative Referral Real Estate business.


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