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A Message of Hope

We are pleased to be here with you now. You are all deserving of greatness and love and all the blessings for you to receive from the divine that is flowing onto you and inside of you, at this time and always.

Understand, healing is what your planet needs. Healing is what you need at this time of great transformation.

We are always sending you the light that you need and the reminders that you need to come to the awareness that what you are seeking is found within you, and you can access this, as you want it. With your willingness, it is there.

The transformation that is upon you now, that is the growth of your species from where it is now, is on an evolutionary acceleration of oneness, in re-alignment of the truth of who you are.

What you may do is you may proceed in your wantingness in which is in that truth, that desire for acceptance and change that is in your wantingness at this time.

You are being stirred greatly within you. You are being stirred at the deepest levels of your inner state because this is the time that you need to be stirred. As you are witnessing all this disturbance that is so greatly happening and with more intensity in your world, you are more able, at this time, to be more in this state of embracing the truth that yes this is indeed what is happening in your world.

The much-needed change that you are wanting … that you are wanting your world to be in a more peaceful state … you will indeed receive, because you are now in a more open state of acceptance of what is before you, and with the acceptance of the messes that have been created on your planet. You are becoming more open to advancement.

All this anger and fear that is surfacing now, all this great, great, great disturbance that is coming up from deep within you has been there. It has been there all along. It is just now surfacing for you to be more, more able to understand that you are holding onto all this negativity and that you have been for a very, very long time.

This has been your truth and you must realize this is not what will bring you peace, when you are in such a deep, deep negative state. You are experiencing all this negativity now, and you will get more of this because this has been in your existence a very long time. You have been burying your feelings and not really feeling them and with this way of being and suppressing, not allowing, not being in allowance of your inner state, has caused you to just be immune to what is happening in your world, for the most part.

As this is the time of great change in the history of mankind, you will understand that you have been in this dormancy for such a very long time and it has not created the wonders that you really wanted in your world.

You will understand and you will know that by not being in compliance with the energies that support you, by not being in compliance with the unity that you are … when you are not in compliance with the inner peace that you really are … with the connection to God and the godly nature within you … when you are not in line with this truth with who you really are, you will not be in a state of peace … you will not be in a state of happiness and joy. You will always be in a state of negativity and separation with each other.

At this time of great transformation, in your lives and on your planet, you will come to new remembrances and you will know within your hearts that you are growing, you are evolving, and that you are spiritually connected to each other.

We are the Ascended Masters and are always with you supporting you through your awakening process of ascension into your highest truth that you are.

And so it is.

Channeled Message from the Ascended Masters

Always with love and light ~Joanna~


Joanna Alexopoulos is a spiritual teacher, healer, certified reiki therapist, open channel, and author of Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now, wisdom and guidance from the Ascended Masters.

Joanna's channelings continue to bring comfort and hope to our world at this time of great need, restoring faith and trust in the unfoldment of what's to come.

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