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A Guiding Path - Meet the Authors

10 top holistic healers have come together to share their tips for healing your mind, body, and spirit: Lina Gantous, Moira Hutchison, Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD, Kathie Callan, Kristine DaCosta, Tammy Patterson, Rose-Anne Partridge, Amy D. Penny, Angelica Necula, Alexi Bracey - Contact one of our fabulous Co Authors to pre order your copy of the Print or eBook!

Lina is a naturally gifted healer with a rare gift of intuitive channelling. She is an advanced energy healer, reiki master, and life coach with a compassionate understanding that everything is energy. As a professional healer for over 20 years, she works with higher consciousness to help heal the challenges and obstacles you are faced with in your life.

Moira Hutchison – Intuitive Coach, Mindset Mentor, Meditation Teacher & Tarot Card Reader. Dedicated to helping people break free of invisible barriers that block the ability to live to their fullest potential. Moira helps people shift out of feeling stuck or overwhelmed... to being aligned with their life purpose and unique gifts.

Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD is a purpose driven coach and facilitator whose work is centered around personal transformation and wellness. She assists women in uncovering their true essence and to shine as the person they are meant to be. Dr Helen Z has conducted individual and group coaching sessions and workshops about achieving the balance essential to multiple dimensions of wellness.

Kathie is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Master Trainer. Kathie’s journey evolved as she learned about energy, and spirituality. She realized that her life journey had placed her in situations where people needed support emotionally or physically. After receiving Reiki, she knew her life journey had been training her all along.

Kristine DaCosta Through my essential oil business and through a healing energy practice, I wanted to live a life of service. I wanted to impart knowledge on quality, use and education of essential oils. I wanted to be the conduit for God conscious energy and allow people to experience universal life force energy through me.

Divinity Healing is operated by Tammy Patterson. I use a fusion of energy healing techniques to help my clientele. I am certified as a Reiki Master and hold certification as a crystal healing practitioner, CCMBA practitioner, Christ Light Energy Healing practitioner, an Access Bars practitioner, and a level 1 Energetic Magic practitioner.

Rose-Anne Partridge is a “Life Guide” who is here to help you rediscover your divinity and to empower you on your journey through life. An energy healer, wellness coach, special needs advocate, and best-selling author bringing forward healing frequencies of calm, light, love, and joy through various classes, workshops, and programs.

Amy D. Penny Unusually wise, considering my innate idealistic nature. Often disappointed and dismayed. Always overcoming challenges with life’s constant supply of “It could only happen to me” moments. Feet firmly planted on earth. Eyes turned to the heavens. Intuitive. Independent. Quirky. Creative with countless interests and a short attention span.

Angelica Necula I’m trained in Bowen Therapy, Homeopathy, Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic Astrology, Reflexology, Angels Cards Reading, Wellness and Spiritual Coaching. I am an intuitive mentor and guide. I have been helping clients all over the world by freeing them from physical or emotional pain, or from setbacks that life has thrown at them.

Alexi Bracey is a Dementia Prevention Coach. She empowers women to maximize their memory and maintain their independence for themselves and/or for a loved one. Alexi is also a Plant-Based Chef, Healthy Environment Educator and Conscious Transformational Coach. She speaks on Virtual platforms, Summits, and Podcasts.

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