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New Years Eve celebrations have traditionally been about explosions and expansions. Champagne corks make way for foaming bubbles, and fireworks leave small cylinders to fill the sky with light.

The year 2021 is carrying a Five vibration, and Five is all about growth and change, expansion and adjusting to new ways of being. We are encouraged to become something greater than we have been in 2020. The Four energy of the past twelve months has allowed us to put down a foundation on which to build. Now we can move forward, creating the structure and culture that we have envisioned for ourselves. Bringing Five Energy into the Planes of Expression.

In the Physical Plane, simple changes can energize and maximize the space where we live. Growth does not always mean More. Currently closures limits our movement around the physical world. It is important to ensure positivity in the space where we spend our time. Maybe that means adding accents with deep meaning: mirrors, candles, drums and bells can change the frequency at which your home vibrates.

Creating a sacred space such as an altar, or adding a flowering plant to honour nature indoors, can elevate the mood of the room and invite your personal energy to expand. The energies of the Mental Plane are stimulated by novelty, by new thoughts and concepts, even by paradoxes and conundrums.

Reading books or websites about topics that are new to you can be mentally stimulating. Learning about people through written or filmed biographies can promote considerations about your own life, allowing you to contemplate how your possible responses to the events that they faced.

When you are performing routine tasks: washing dishes or folding laundry, engaged thought processes and examining ideas will enhance mental fitness and promote empathy. I believe that navigating the Emotional Plane is a major reason to enter into the Human Experience.

There is security in knowing that the feelings that flow through us guide us to our correct path. I was not taught this as a child, and understanding how emotional responses and instinctive reactions are always correct, I am able to trust myself.

Processing the nature of emotional responses - with a trusted friend, practitioner, or journal - can be key to shifting your vibration, and moving into the expansion that takes you closer to joy. On the Spiritual or Intuitive Plane, there is only expansion. I am confident that an unflinching review of the path taken through 2020 will reveal Spiritual growth, and that will serve as the basis for a blossoming of Intuition during the coming year. Making space for this growth is vital. Putting time into the schedule for meditation, prayer or other quiet practice will ensure that the flower can open safely.

The Cosmic frequencies of 2021 will facilitate profound connection when we expend attention on our personal development. We remain Spiritual Beings, and 2021 will inevitably inflate our comprehension of the Human Experience, moving us closer to the Intentions we brought with us into this physical life. Joy awaits.


Jo Leath is a Numerologist, Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and conduit for synchronicity. She guides people to uncover their Intentions and fully engage their Journey into Alignment.

Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom / Jo Leath Oracle Cards

Twitter: @journeyalign

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