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Your Body is a Homestead

What an interesting title for an article. Some of you may think that a homestead just refers to the house you live in. I actually believe that your ‘Homestead’ is Your Body.

When you feel at home in your body you can go anywhere in the world and feel at home.

I was at a morning meeting one day, a few years ago, and a gentleman asked me if I get a little sad when I leave a place that I go to. I said “Yes, a little bit like leaving home”. He then said “That is because you have made your body your home, so wherever you take yourself, you feel like you are at home.”

What an interesting statement. He was actually telling me that I had finally fallen in love with who I was and so I felt ‘At Home’ with myself. That was such a big realisation. So my body was my ‘Homestead’.

When I was a child I was very efficient and could do a lot of things, but I didn’t really like who I was, so this statement was quite a realisation of the full circle that I had come through with all of my Natural Health and Personal Development learnings. I speak about this in my 12th book ‘Be, Do Have’ because, those times where I did not feel ‘AT HOME’ in my body were the times that I was working so hard in so many jobs and sports and as a mother, so OTHERS would like me. Does this resonate with any of you out there? I’m sure it does to some degree.

So how do you make your body into your ‘Homestead’?

As a child growing up we fill ourselves up with so many; experiences, learnings, values, beliefs and accomplishments that we seem to find a place for in our later years. I learned that while working out who I was being, I accomplished a great deal. So why didn’t I like who I was being? I don’t ever remember being told to value who I was being. For me, it was all about the ‘good’ being accepted and the ‘not so good’ behaviour was punished.

And what about attitude? Who was told to go to their room and change their attitude? What is attitude? How do we change it?

Dr. Randall Bell, PhD, a socio economist writes in his book that, “the Be Habits are distinct from the Do and Have habits.” He goes on to say, “The animal kingdom address the ‘Do, and Have’ habits by providing for their families and learning to live together as social creatures. The thing is that they have been doing the same thing for thousands of years.”

Dr. Bell goes on to say that, “Of course people do many of the same things they did thousands of years ago, but people are distinct from the animal kingdom because of their BE habits. People set goals, strategize and progress. Progression is the essence of the Be habit. The Be habits are our opportunities to set goals, manage our time and make our personal mark.”

When I got this message loud and clearly, I was hell bent on ‘Leaving a Legacy’. Leaving a legacy doesn’t have to be that difficult. For example, my late dad made everyone feel special by asking how they were doing and he told the best stories. He would do anything for anyone and he sang and laughed a lot even though he was raised in war torn England, by his grandmother. He also went off to war at a very early age. He always found the good and fun in everything. He will forever be remembered for that. That was his legacy.

I recall hearing about a disabled man working for a grocery chain would go home every night and write out positive sayings on pieces of paper. He would bring them into work with him and he would put one into every grocery bag he packed. He not only left a legacy of positivity, he created the best marketing for the grocery store because people couldn’t wait to come back and shop so they could see what saying was placed in their next bag of groceries. He made people feel special every day. He left a great legacy.

For us to Be more and love who we are, we need to progress. What are we doing and being to progress? Creating a legacy means that we contribute to a cause greater than ourselves. I desperately wanted to write books but it took a long time for me to feel I was ‘Good Enough’ to Be more and to actually sit down and do it.

So many questions kept coming up like, “Who is going to read my words?” “Why would they read my books?” “Who am I to be thinking that what I am writing is important?” The questions went on, doubting my ability to progress, until one day when I was asked to write a chapter in a book. I cried all the way through the interview because, even though this was a dream of mine, this person believed in me more than I believed in myself, enough to want my words of inspiration. That was so foreign and yet so exciting. It was such a big turning point in my life and such a great opportunity to begin loving what I had done, who I was, and leaving my own legacy.

For years, I spent most of my time working hard to acquire things like; houses, cars, boats, because I thought people would like me more if I had stuff. I became ill and all that stuff became less important. I not only wore myself out, I wore others out along the way. Some people don’t feel they can keep up with our need to Do and Have stuff. Not only did I have nice ‘stuff,’ I then worked hard to keep it looking nice like it was on show and I was being judged by others on the appearance of it all. One day my x husband asked “Can our house look like someone lives in it?” That really resonated with me. It made me think about what I was doing. I began to relax a little about the appearance for others vs the enjoyment of our house for us.

The reason it became important is because I valued family over bricks and mortar. You see, values drive your behaviour. Finding out what you truly love and value can be extremely important for understanding your behaviour and attitude around certain topics or incidences. Loving who you are send out the most amazing vibration so others feel ‘at home’ in your presence.

What would you like to do to create a ‘Homestead’ in you? Go do it. You are so important.

Lynda Dyer

Lynda has gained an excellent reputation as an enthusiastic and motivating guest speaker throughout Australia and the world. As a motivator, Lynda encourages people to enhance their own abilities. Her teacher training workshops were becoming so popular she felt the need to open her own business and work full time on Training the Trainer in motivation, natural health, fitness, recreation & aqua-fitness.

She was one of 58 people from around the world filmed for The Secret because she lives her material and cured herself of Lupus. She is a certified professional trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), an international speaker, bestselling and award winning author and transformational coach.


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