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Working With What Is

I spoke with passion, I spoke with love - I chose to work with my day.

Each day we are given the experiences that we need in order to grow, to learn and to expand.

Life is very real. It’s wonderful, joyful, it has problems, it has highs and lows, it is real.

Last week I was sexually harassed by a man on messenger that I had professionally worked with two years ago. He has a visible profile on social media and a role that would bring a lot of women to his virtual door.

When it happened I had a response, a very visceral repulsion to the words used, I blocked him, reported his message to the social media platform, sent a very clear message to him via his work profile. Then I stopped and listened.

As I sat with the truth of this vile behaviour I sensed something. On social media, I saw a mutual friend was active and I instinctively reached out to her, in doing so she informed me that another woman had reached out to her a couple of days before with the same thing having happened to her, with the same person.

The energy that encouraged me to contact this woman is something we all have access to. This deep knowingness of a path to follow, a direction to go.

The journey with this life experience continued, myself and the other woman linked on social media, we chatted then did a Live interview on this very subject.

The energy of this whole experience could be felt, it was a bond between the two of us as we rose up, as we spoke, as we shared, This powerful message gained a really clear voice and momentum for the highest good.

As I write this article it is actually Sexual violence and harassment awareness week, 1st February to 7th February. So the message has very strong significance for me, as it was only the week before these dates that I experienced it for myself.

In the planting of myself in each day, in honouring the experiences that the day brings there is always something of value.

For myself I can honestly say that if this experience had happened even 6 months before my response would have been different, I know I would have been less vocal, I know the silence and that sticky feeling would have hung around.

It’s ironic the power that the words of another CAN have on us if used in a certain manner.

I am here sharing, when I did the Live my intention was to give a voice to those who were unable to speak, I spoke to create enough energy to give this man a very clear message and to hopefully stop another woman experiencing the same thing.

I also spoke for the past version of me, the one where horrific things did happen, and if I did speak up I was pushed down even further,

I spoke with passion, I spoke with love - I chose to work with my day, to not avoid or pretend it didn’t happen. I felt it, I shed that icky, sticky feeling, I listened to the inner voice, I connected and I spoke.

There are so many women who are held down and held back by their present or pasts, I WAS one of them.

When I did the live interview with the other woman it affected me physically, my legs were shaking for the first part of it, this visible shaking that went to my very core, it felt so deep, so transformative...

I was like the gazelle that had just missed the claws and teeth of the tiger, who stops, rests and physically shakes so the state of the pursuit is shaken off the cells and fibres. So the neutral state of living can return, with the trauma no longer being held.

The above shaking was not just from the current experience, it was from my past. The relief at this discharging of this built-up trauma from my past, the freedom I felt and the clarity it has given my days ever since have been an absolute blessing.

So many gifts wrapped up in the mud of another man’s unhealthy intentions, so many gifts.

I write this to encourage the silent women, I encourage you all to see that when something triggers you, let the truth set you free. The experience that has triggered you is going to give you something if you see it for what it is, something for you to work with.

The healing came from the steps of clear action and speaking up, of listening to the inner guidance and not allowing the muddy energy of this kind of behaviour to land on me.

I know there is also a wave of men experiencing the same shocking behaviour, it is not gender-specific, I speak for all. As it one of the areas that are shrouded in guilt, shame and silence, all of which compound the trauma and is stored in our very being,

In our body and our energy, we hold this deep violation, It sits and waits to be heard, to be healed.

Work with what is, every single day, work with what is. Life is working for us, when we allow ourselves to hold that thought and carry it as our truth.

Many blessings



Photo: Jared Rice


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