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Women's Empowerment Coaching

If you're looking for Empowerment, Guidance, Improvement, then book a free Consultation Call with Nicki Brown - Certified Life and Health Coach!

As a coach, Nicki believes:

  1. Nothing changes in the world or anyone else until you change. Transformation starts with you.

  2. Every moment, feeling or experience is perfectly orchestrated for your evolution. Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. Your challenges are your greatest gift.

  3. There is power in taking responsibility for your own experience.

  4. Your mind, body and soul are deeply connected and effect each other on many levels.

  5. Everyone has their own map of the world.

  6. Every thought or behaviour has a positive intention. Even if that thought or behaviour is harmful, it is simply the best way way we have found SO FAR of dealing with or managing that circumstance. This concept isn’t about condoning behaviour or allowing people to use their “good intentions” as an excuse, it’s about understanding #5, knowing that things are rarely “black or white” and believing that people tend to do the best they can with what they have.

  7. It is practically impossible to be both curious and judgemental, always choose curiosity.

  8. Desire is not selfish, it is a wise compass pointing you in the direction of your life’s purpose.

  9. If you can move through fear to truth, choices and opportunities that were always there finally become visible.

  10. All things are possible with the right attitude or strategy - think of Marie Forleo’s expression: “Everything is figureoutable.”


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