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Where Do You Fit on the Continuum of GRIT?

People vary more than you can imagine in their approach to navigating obstacles! Here’s a sneak peek at the 16 GRITizens who are featured in Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple based on order of appearance.

Do you see YOUR reactions to challenging situations reflected in any of these profiles?

Practising physician and aspiring glassblower who loves tea, bicycling, yoga, and new cities. GRIT = Groundedness + Receptivity + Imagination + Tenacity

Mother, sister, daughter, partner, teacher, friend who loves Drake and old school Hip Hop. GRIT = Giving + Respect + Integrity + Tenacity

Accessible Media Services expert who loves record collecting and record listening! GRIT = Give-in + Reality + Input + Transition

Professor and Institute Director who loves football, gardening, and collaborating with Haze! GRIT = Gregarious + Rules + Intensity in Interconnections + Tenacity

Seasoned veteran at seeing the positive as well as the potential in people and situations. GRIT = Goals + Reason + Integrity + Tenacity

Busy mom of two active boys who loves Coffee dates, Zumba and hot summer days in the park. GRIT = Gratitude + Responsibility + Insight + Thoughts

Unique combination of young-at-heart and an old soul always leading with my heart. GRIT = Gumption + Resilience + Integrity + Tenacity

Broken-hearted Nanay to 3 angels who loves books, archery and music. GRIT (external) = Generosity + Reinforcers + Integrity + Tapestry. GRIT (internal) = Guts + Reverence + Integrity + Tapestry

Scottish Viking, Dad to the amazing Kraken, and husband to Dr. Viking who loves travel and food. GRIT = Go-To + Reassess + Instinct + Tenacity

Creative soul whose most happy place is sitting on a huge rock near any form of water! GRIT = Grounding + Resist + Inhale + Trust

Works hard to give her dog a great life and loves to find the perfect GIF! GRIT = Genuine + Resonate + Ignite +Truth

A fifty-something young Christian woman who is guided by faith and family. GRIT = Gather (information) + Respond + Intention + Trust

Composer, Cartographer and Thought Adventurer; Lucky Dad and Lucky Husband. GRIT = Goofy + Resilient + Intimate + Tempted

An effervescent, happy-go-lucky foodie behaviourist grateful for all the blessings life brings. GRIT = Go + Resourceful + Integrity + Trust

Avid gardener and artisan, Grandmother to 8, loves Christmas, snowmen and off-road cycling. GRIT = Goals + Resilience + Intuition + Trust

Wife, daughter, sister, friend; Virginia girl who moved to Canada for love, with GRIT. GRIT = Grace + Resilience + Influence + Thought

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Haze Schepmyer

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