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What's Right with Kids These Days???

We've all heard someone ask "What's wrong with kids these days?" but I'd love to flip the script and focus on what's right with kids these days!

In the last six weeks, I’ve done four presentations to over 100 high school students and changed their lives in just one hour by helping them dig into their GRIT as well as their power.

GRIT is a highly-transferrable life skill once students learn that they have it and understand how to use it 👍🏾. They're ready now!

Do you spend a lot of time around youth who could benefit from structured opportunities to change the chatter in their minds when it's time to navigate obstacles?

Connect with me today and we can sow some GRIT in your community!

Have you got enough GRIT? Order your copies of Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple and learn more about the GRIT Pathways for individuals and groups.

Graphic by Wavelet from Canva

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