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What do I do with my clients? And what does coaching with me look like?

What is it that I do with my clients? And what does working with me look like?

Well.. I work with women sick of yo-yo dieting and feeling insecure lose weight NATURALLY and regain the confidence to live the empowered, healthy life they deserve.

All of my sessions are virtual either over the phone or through video chat. When I work with clients I try to bring a very relaxed, "girl talk" kind of vibe to our sessions. I know it's way easier to chat with a girlfriend than to open up to a stranger.

By taking small actionable steps my client friends are able to understand and connect with their bodies, learn what foods are healthy for THEM and move through self-limiting beliefs in a way that is not overwhelming and gives them the confidence to take back control of their health AND their life.

If this is something that seems to resonate with you.. then maybe it's time for YOU to make a change. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you might have.

Love & Light

Coach Alyssa



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