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Are Piercings and Tattoos Healthy?

Want to See My Piercing? Look at my new tattoo!

In the last 20 years, body art in various forms has been a popular expression of individuality and adornment. Tattoos and piercings are now commonplace and in many cases cover a wide area of the body.

A tattoo is permanent, unless you have it surgically removed. Besides the dye, it also scars the skin and causes some blockage of the acupuncture meridian it is on.

A piercing – even if the ring is removed- leaves a scar.

So, what about the health consequences of Tattoos and Piercings. Could they really cause chronic fatigue, memory loss, poor digestion, brain fog, infertility even cancer?

We rarely think of the consequences of these decisions, until we pay the price. In some cases we do not know what we are paying the price for? The attitude that “millions of people have tattoos and they seem fine” does not address the fact that we have an explosion of chronic illness and autoimmune problems in younger and younger people.


The bottom line is: every brand and color of tattoo ink has different ingredients, according to a Northern Arizona University study, see and since the makers don’t have to tell you what’s in their products, it is clearly a case of buyer beware. You can take steps to uncover the ingredients by asking for the MFSD sheet on the different tattoo inks. The new “glow in the dark” inks are untested so they have not had any safety studies.

Tattoo inks may be made from titanium dioxide, lead, chromium, nickel, iron oxides, ash, carbon black, and other ingredients. Some of the pigments are industrial grade - used as automobile paint. According to an Environmental Health News report, an ingredient found in black tattoos inks—benzopyrene—has caused skin cancer in animals. It also noted that tattoo inks have migrated into the lymph nodes. Our lymphatic system carries away toxins and keeps us clear and healthy.

When heavy metals plug this “sewer system” our immune system gets challenged and we all know that when our immune system is not working well, we become more prone to everything from flu to cancer.

Carrier ingredients may contain dangerous substances such as antifreeze, formaldehyde, http”/, methanol, denatured alcohols, and other aldehydes. Among the most popular pigments are those made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a type of heat-resistant plastic that is used to make luggage, pipe fittings, appliance parts, and, when ground down, tattoo inks. These inks are popular because they produce vivid colors. In fact, you can usually tell if ink contains ABS because of the color.

If you have your heart set on getting one, do your homework and choose the safest tattoo inks available and licensed professionals who disclose all the ingredients in their inks proudly.

The safest advice of all regarding tattoos? Avoid them.

If you already have them… detox, detox, detox for the rest of your life.


Piercings of ears are an age old practice.

Ear stretching- a tribal custom in some cultures- has gained in popularity lately. People who decide to do so say it is to assert their individuality. I have seen ears stretched to grotesque proportions of 3’ diameter.

Since in that area the ear has acupuncture points for mouth, teeth and tongue –problems with those organs that become difficult to diagnose and dental anesthesia may be difficult in these people.

Multiple piercings of the ear lobes and tragus of the ear can cause issues with the various meridians that have points on the ears such as digestion, sleep,

heart rhythm, spine, kidneys, liver, lungs, joints, etc.

The most harmful piercing are those on the acupuncture meridian called the central governing vessel. This acupuncture meridian includes: tongue, nose, lip, belly button and genitalia. Belly button piercings have been implicated in infertility.

I will share one case I saw in my dental office:

A beautiful teenage girl had her tongue pierced. Within 2 months she came down with full blown chronic fatigue and depression. Mono was ruled out. Infections were ruled out.

EAV testing showed a high level of nickel in her body. What had happened?

Reviewing her history it was found that she was exposed to nickel from braces a few years previously ( N.B. all stainless steel contains nickel and nickel is a toxin implicated in depression and fatigue) and then the stainless steel tongue ring going into an open wound caused a significant and fast absorption of further nickel . The nickel toxicity made her sick and depressed. Nickel is implicated in teenage suicides.

The piercing, located on the governing meridian (which regulates energy ) blocked her chi- the vital energy flow of the body.

It took 2 years of detox and acupuncture to regain her health. She lost 2 years of teen life because of an uninformed decision.

Even the remaining scar (when a ring is removed) causes interference with the meridian. Depending on which meridian is pierced or poisoned, it can affect any organ, muscle, vertebra or tooth on that meridian.

I have seen a toothache developing in a virgin tooth. When the organ or muscle on that meridian was balanced, the toothache went away.

I have done some things in my life I regret. Had I known what I know now, I would have made a better choice. That is why I am sharing the knowledge with you, so perhaps you can avoid making a mistake for your health.


Oksana M. Sawiak DDS. IMD. MAGD. AIAOMT

Author, Lecturer, Wellness Consultant

Dr. Sawiak practiced family dentistry from 1966 to 2008 and for the last 30 years focused on mercury-free/biological dentistry.

Today she lectures in biologic dentistry, non-surgical natural gum treatment, pain control, wellness and detoxification and has authored 2 books.

Dr. Sawiak constantly adds to her vast knowledge in order to serve her clients ever more completely. In 1989, she was the first woman in the world to achieve a Mastership in the Academy of General dentistry and in July 2011 attained her Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Sawiak practices as an Integrative Wellness Consultant at the Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute in Georgetown Ont.

For further information go to and sign up for her monthly updates.


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