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The New Way Weavers - Our Divine Connection to True Beings of Light

In the now and the knowing we are here. We are here with singing and gladness and glee as you are setting forth on your pathway on your journey. You are listening to the kind folk in your life telling you the stories of your ancient past, up to the memories of today. We are here in this shift now; we are in the patterns of building that bridge from this life to the next. The story of belongingness goes deep now into the covers and charades that have been going on in the world, today and beyond.

The principles that we are trying to match with you and yours is of the time code and time stamping of what was in existence here in your ancient past, in your times of the Lemurians and even the Atlanteans. We are mirroring and matching up with the frequencies that existed here on this world as this is the time of revelations and discoveries that we are all in now in our present moment. We are in the time of no time. Opening up to and enveloping the true nature of our humanness of belongingness on this planet earth we call home. We are at the beginning time of the tides where we are singing and rejoicing in the healing vibrational patterns and powers that are in activation form now deep within the facets of our hearts and souls. The mind maps that we are creating ourselves, our true selves are now coming into full form and full circle in this timeline we are on now.

We are bringing our true selves back online so to say, we are rediscovering who we truly are, and we are cranking up the divine codes deep within our DNA. We are learning and relearning our true nature of who we are and who we are meant to be. ‘The divine spark has been reignited in each and every one of us as we are now all tapping into our own intuition and awareness. The gloves and the masks are coming off and we are seeing each other for the first time within the landmarks of who we are and where we are on this great journey and adventure in life. We see you and we thank you for being here in full awareness of your surroundings and the guiding forces of nature and your true self. We are guiding you to awaken your higher self, your true connection to the divine. For the divine spark has been reignited again in each and every one of us and we are being guided to fully open to the full expression of who we are.

The kind folk and stories that you have been growing up with are now coming razor sharp clear as your visions and dreams have been showing you the way. You have been portraying yourself as true visionaries, engineers, creators and manifesters, and you have been shown your greater connection to the Christ consciousness in the form of energy and feelings of love. The colors of the divine are now waking up and spreading across your heart strings and the land. You have felt more and more connected and awake than you ever have.

The vibrational frequencies have been quickening and you have been feeling the effects of this time shift that we are all on. You have been asked to take a look deep into your heart and your actions in this lifetime. You are now feeling the abundance and true calling of your desires and passions to come full circle and full steam ahead as you have heeded the callings and strong energetic forces that had been planted and seeded deeply into your very being. We are now calling upon each and every lightworker now to open up to this divine connection and feel the spark be reignited and feel into your full expression of who you truly are, a divine spark in this great creation of life here on this planet earth you call home. Many have been lining up and knowing deep inside that there is a new way approaching all of us now.

A new way weavers from the old ways, the old paradigms and beliefs are shifting and changing. This is being felt down to the core of your very being. You have felt this shift and are heeding your calling of being steadfast and strong in the wake of a new day and a new way of thinking and believing. You know in your heart that your true intuition Is kicking in and aligning with the new light codes moving into the cosmos all around you now. We invite and ask each and every one of you to open up your heart and feel into these changes and shifts. Allow your heart to feel the way into these new beginnings that are coming at your doorway now, my dear one. We invite you to set your sails on to the new horizons with love, trust and peace in your heart, and bring forth your true self and best self in this new awakening now in your world.

We are here guiding you with love, peace and grace in all you do. Know we are here with you working the magic behind the scenes. You are propelling yourself-inward and forward from your heart connection to ours. We feel you now and thank you for joining the light and consciousness in your world now and we go with love, peace and grace now with blessing of light and love, we go now amen.

Melissa Downward is a true healer, physically, energetically and spiritually. She is a Spiritual Channeller, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Writer, Teacher, Psychic Medium/Channeler, Hypnotherapist. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, and Registered Practical Nurse. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her. Intuitively, she has received messages through channeling, and regularly shares, records, and publishes the messages and guidance that she receives. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition. No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone looking over them, whether here or beyond, and are helping them heal at a soul level.


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