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In a world filled with constant noise, distractions, and a barrage of information, the quest for truth has become a profound journey for many. It is one in which we all find the need for validation that “this is true, I am right….right?” Yet, there are infinite truths of the Universe. Embracing this journey with mindfulness, that is, active, open attention to the present moment, allows us to embody a higher frequency of truth and discernment. In this article, we explore the intricate relationship between truth and mindfulness, and examine how the cultivation of mindfulness can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of authenticity.

The Nature of Truth:

Truth, in its essence, is often considered to be absolute. Perception and interpretation of truth varies from person to person. Many people extend their personal biases and social constructs into “truth”, thus creating a stigma and a warped perception of “truth”. As this “truth” then gets bogged down with more and more layers of perception, it becomes dull and lifeless - the exact opposite of the real frequency of pure truth. This illusion then becomes a belief that then controls your vision of reality. If your vision of the world is dark and gloomy, that is then the reality that you will align with.

Distortion creates programs and illusions that people confine themselves to exist within. They exist within “this” belief so they can only align with “these” options. Yet, when we drop these “rules” of existence, we are embraced with an entire array of opportunities. What we once didn’t align with, we see golden opportunities emerge. Simply dropping the illusion and allowing the truth to shine through allowed the full blossoming of the opportunity to unfold. 

“You can not grow a flower in an enclosed box”
The Ancestors

Truth, in its purest, unwarped form, is transcendental and embodies universal and timeless qualities. This high vibrational frequency of truth uplifts you into a light that illuminates illusions and dissipates fear. The truth, as they say, “sets you free”. As such it does, when the purest form of truth is illuminated. All fears that were attached to illusion dissolves when the truth is revealed. You can release beliefs, burdens, and stories and allow reality to rebalance itself having the truth been revealed.

“And so it is, the journey into letting go, holding onto far more than you need and far more than you know.”
The Ancestors

Truth vibrates at a high frequency, and as such, when it is revealed it creates a cosmic echo that shines the light of truth. This uplifts reality, because it must respond to the higher vibration. Reality must re-orchestrate around that higher frequency of truth, 

“No longer can be that which existed before. What I know now is not what I “knew” then, and what has become is far more than what’s been.”
The Ancestors

Given this understanding of truth, you can then understand why it is important to align with a higher frequency of truth in order to flow with your experience. Rather than be caught in the trails of distractions and fear-based beliefs, when you embody a higher frequency of truth, you can clearly see what is and isn’t distorted. You will begin to feel and sense when there is distortion. You might feel it in your body as a dizzy feeling, your body might vibrate and resonate when the frequency of truth is present, maybe you hear “yes” or “no”, see a light, or you “just know”. These are all psychic ways to detect the higher frequency of truth. We all have the ability to become human “lie detectors'' if we make a commitment to discover the truth. You must be committed to discovering the full truth in order to open yourself up to letting go of your own distortions. Some truths are very revealing, and as such, we must not get caught up in the falsity of the illusion and instead drop what isn’t “real”.

You will notice that when one layer of truth surfaces, more and more layers of truth unfold and echo. Like the tide rolling out, more of the ocean bottom is revealed. This isn’t just true within one revelation, but you may also find that truths are revealed in waves. One truth comes out, and then suddenly more and more other truths are revealed. This is the cosmic echo of truth. When the light is turned on, it illuminates the entire room. 

Mindfulness as a Gateway to Truth:

So now that we know why truth is so important and how falsities impact the way we show up in the world, how can we begin to illuminate more and greater truths? Here are some ideas.

Be Present in the Moment

Mindfulness, rooted in ancient contemplative practices, is a conscious and non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. The present moment is the only reality we truly experience. Rather than being swept away by thoughts, you observe the present moment by being in the present moment. Ground using your senses - what do you feel, sense, hear, see, and come fully into the moment. You will be surprised at all of the sensations that you pick up on when your thoughts aren’t pulling you away.

Peel Away the Layers

Foster an awareness of the thoughts and emotions that surface, then dig in deeper by asking yourself “why is this here”, “what is this showing me”? Our thoughts and emotions surface because the underlying depths are stirred. When you dig deeper into yourself and release that which has been lurking below the surface, you free that trapped energy and allow the illuminating light of truth in. Peel away the layers of conditioned responses and biases, and embody a clearer lens through which you perceive higher frequencies of truth.


Self-awareness relates to the above ideas, in the sense that it prompts individuals to observe their thoughts and emotions without attachment or judgment. In doing so, you may discern what thoughts are fabricated from illusions, and which thoughts are your true inspiration. You can do this by leaning into the thought and feeling how it sits with you. Is it heavy and weighted, or does it sparkle? Disentangling mental constructs creates a clearer understanding of personal truths. Uplifting the frequency of truth that you personally embody, allows you to observe reality with the same level of discernment. Thus you will more clearly perceive when truth has been distorted in conversations, media, and so on. The key here is unlocking a higher frequency of truth within yourself first, and allowing that echo to be the foundation of your reality.

Embrace Impermanence:

Impermanence can feel uncomfortable. Yet, it is the basis of much dis-harmony in the world. The need to feel “safe” within the comfort zone of a permanent, non-changing structure is prevalent in today’s world. Things must be “proper”, “orderly”, and “permanent” in order for society to feel stability. Stability does not equate to permanence, however, and a solid foundation does not have to be stuck in a certain motion. In fact, some of the best buildings to withstand Earthquakes have a fluid, flexible movement that flows with the Earthquake - it is the rigid ones that crumble. So too, is the fabric of life. Too much rigidity and permanence will only topple the structure which inevitably changes anyways.

For there is no “escaping” impermanence, that is only an illusion. Impermanence feels uncomfortable, because if we are to accept impermanence, we must accept our own impermanence in the human body. That lies deep within fear in many people’s psyche; the fear of losing another, the fear of what happens after. To this I can only say, we must shift out of lack and embrace the joy of today. Today you have life, today you can embrace those whom you love. Living in fear is not living at all.

Flowing with the nature of impermanence allows for a deeper exploration of evolving perspectives and a willingness to adapt as new truths unfold. It is the restructuring in the aftermath of the Earthquake. In the falling of one structure rises another. Accepting the nature that is constant change enhances your ability to intuitively know when a structure is about to crumble. You can then more easily flow when the tides change without getting swept away in the current.

“These foundations have fallen to be re-laid in a more harmonious structure”
The Ancestors

Mindful Practices to Reveal Truth


Mindful meditation serves as a powerful tool for grounding in the present moment. Two of the best meditative experiences to quiet the mind and reveal truth are breath awareness meditations and body scan meditations. 

In breath awareness meditations, simply just sit or lay down, and focus your mind on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. Follow the breath deeply into the body, into the belly, and follow it out of the body as you exhale. Relax into the breath, and the breath between breaths when you gently pause and your Soul breathes. If you find your breath difficult to focus on, you can count your breaths in and out. This practice quiets the mind from chatter and helps you cultivate discernment among the internal thoughts dictating your reality.

In body scan meditations, sit or lay down comfortably and begin focusing on different areas of the body from the toes up to the crown of your head. Relax and focus on the toes first. Focus on sensations within the toes and relax your toes more and more. Move up to the ankles, and so on, slowing down and mindfully moving through each body part. By focusing on your body in this way, you are developing your bodily-kinesthetic and clair-sentience. This is helpful when it comes to truth discernment, as you will feel when something isn’t sitting in your body right and feels “off” from the truth.

These two meditative experiences can be joined by sending the breath to the area of the body that you are scanning. Do this simply by breathing while holding your awareness on a certain area of your body. In doing so, you will oxygenate that area of the body and your body will relax. In these relaxed states, your body, mind, and spirit can let go of stagnant energy held in the body. This energy is most often associated with emotions, stories, and illusions, so letting go of the tension in your body creates more “space” for truth. By engaging in these meditative experiences, you pave the way for a more profound understanding of your personal truths.

“While the mind rests, the Soul plays”
The Ancestors

Mindful Listening:

Actively listening to others without preconceived judgments or a desire to respond fosters a deeper connection with truth. You access a deeper level of hearing, and truly can perceive the full depth of their words and word choice. Mindful listening involves suspending one's own thoughts and fully immersing oneself in the words and hearing experience. Instead of thinking about what to say or consciously processing the information, it’s as if the words are flowing directly into your thoughts and your thoughts are their exact words. With practice, you will actually notice that you do not need to think about your responses, as your responses become more clear when your hearing perception becomes more clear.

This level of active, mindful listening engages more of your sensory perceptions to become involved in the listening experience. This awakens within you your own radar system to navigate life. This radar system is the premise behind becoming a human lie detector.


Mantras are an ancient practice that unlocks treasures within the psyche and subconscious mind. Mantras are sacred phrases that are repeated often in sets of 108 over an extended period of time. As you chant these mantras, place sacred focus upon the purpose of chanting the mantra. The mantra, “Sat Nam” translates to “I am truth”. So as you chant “Sat Nam” 108 times, hold your mind’s awareness on the purpose of unlocking truth. Perhaps your purpose is to free yourself from illusions, or to live life with greater authenticity. Hold this awareness as you chant “Sat Nam”. The key with mantras is consistency. You are using their sacred language to penetrate the psyche and the subconscious mind and install new programming. As you regularly chant “Sat Nam”, you instill the seed mantra of truth into your reality from within your being. To connect with this mantra in greater depth, practice chanting it 108 times, three times per day for three weeks. Journal your journey along the way.

“Ask and you shall receive.”
The Ancestors


In the pursuit of truth, mindfulness serves as a transformative ally. By fostering self-awareness, embracing impermanence, and cultivating presence, individuals can navigate the complex terrain of their own perceptions and discover a more authentic understanding of truth and their role within truth. At the harmonious crossroads of truth and mindfulness, a profound journey of self-discovery and connection with the world beyond unfolds. It is in this playful discovery that the depths of the trenches reveal themselves. 

“For when you are truth, truth cannot hide. Like attracts like, truth magnetized. A mirage of illusions cannot fool what has already been seen. That within me, illuminated, that within you, echoes. So is the echo that reveals to me, that which I already clearly see. The truth cannot hide beneath the Sea, when the Sea within you is entirely me.”

The Ancestors

Much love from the Elemental Realm,

Jaleen Rebecca | Midnight Rain

Elemental Frequencies

Who are “The Ancestors

The Ancestors are a Spiritual Collective of Beings with messages to free humanity, many of whom have incarnated time and time again into old cycles. They in essence, are very much like you and I, but in Spirit Form here to assist our realm from the other side to liberate ourselves and create new beginnings. The Ancestors Collective, as they present themselves to me, have a quaint eloquence to their verbiage and I honor their wisdom by adding in their quotations how and when they share them as I write.

What is your relationship with truth?

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