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The Joys of Energy Healing

Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing is such an amazing tool and I am so grateful that I get to use it on an almost daily basis. Seeing the change in my clients, both human and animal, amazes me even after so many years as a practitioner and an instructor. I remember a new client who came to me for a QT session a couple of years ago. Since I adore running the energy and offering it to others, I tend to be very happy before a session. On this day in particular, I was quite giggly and unfortunately my new client thought I was laughing at her. I am so grateful that she had enough confidence in herself to speak up and she asked me why I was laughing at her. I immediately apologized and explained how much I love offering Quantum-Touch, how joyful it makes me feel, and that my exuberance was in no way directed at her. I gave her the option of continuing with the session or ending it. Although I could sense there was a bit of suspicion, she was very curious and agreed to proceed. At the end of the session, her face was beaming, she was laughing, and her entire energy had shifted. I could see she was lighter. She then told me she understood the joyfulness and the laughter I had expressed at the beginning of our session. She was giggling as she left. I am truly honored to be a part of my clients’ healing journeys and grateful I am able to not only offer private sessions but also to teach Quantum-Touch. If everyone learned Quantum-Touch® and used it in their daily lives, the shift in our world would be incredible.

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