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The Health Detective

Although I am still not 100%, at least I see my goal and know I can be in control of my health.

Today, medicine’s tools are pharmaceuticals, surgery, radiation, and psychiatry (and thank God those tools are there when you are in an accident or have a heart attack). But, unfortunately, when I went for a physical not too long ago, my physician couldn't pinpoint why I had brain fog, high blood pressure, and bouts of rapid heartbeat. I decided it was important to find the "why," and eliminate the cause of my health challenge. So I decided to apply what I do for my clients to myself.

I went back to my office, pricked my finger, put the drop of blood under the microscope and did a live blood cell analysis which told me my liver was sluggish, that I was fighting a bacterial infection and had a parasite. Then I put my dental plaque under the microscope and was able to identify one of the parasites, and a couple of the bacteria I was carrying. So, thinking back over the last months, I realized that with the stress of moving, the pressure of the pandemic, neglecting my exercise routine and scheduling no “down time” I had missed many of my health routines and worn down my immunity.

What did I decide to do?

Eliminating infection and parasites is straight forward:

  • Ozone insufflations

  • Parasite cleanse

  • Colloidal Silver

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • Zinc

  • Rife frequencies

To get my digestive system back on track:

  • A cleansing fast

  • Returned to my 80 oz of pure, fluoride and chlorine- free water

To get my lymphatic system unclogged:

  • Got on my T-Zone or scheduled a walk every day

And to detox the chemical soup we breathe and live in :

  • Some detox foot-baths

  • Ozone saunas

Perhaps it is not as easy as taking a pill, but I tried the pill route and did not get rid of the cause of my blood pressure issue. And the side effects were mounting.

Although I am still not 100%, at least I see my goal and know I can be in control of my health.

Only you can be responsible for your health! What are your mystery syndromes? The Health Detective can help you find YOUR clues and solve the puzzles in your maladies.


Dr. Sawiak continues her passion for wellness- 2011 she achieved Doctor of Integrative Medicine and was branded the “Health Detective” because she finds hidden causes of illness. Unique in the Wellness industry she helps clients achieve Exponential Wellness at the “Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute” 805-279-6619


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